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    Xavier vs. Windsor


    I was considering both of these schools and I've done a comparison and pretty much what it comes down to is clinicals and residency? And I cant find much to compare between the two...so woulld someone like to give me their opinion on which school they would recommend?

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    Xavier any time

    Xavier Anytime.

    More loan options.

    Professional, Courteous and Knowlegeble Staff.

    Call Xavier's Admission's Office you won't feel like you r calling Pizza Hut.where as if you call windsor some strong accented high School dropout kind of a girl will answer the phone and if you ask here any question she would just say I dunno I dunno etc,..

    As everybody says First Impression is the best impression, so is
    Xavier has a procedure for everything.
    They will help you to the best of their professional ability and give you a plan.

    Recently I called their admission's office and spoke to the Dean directly.he was so nice and helpfull that duringthe whole conversation I never ever felt that he don't have time for me.
    he answered all my questions patiently and in detail.

    I never felt that he is trying to push me to come to his school unlike other schools who act pretty much like car salesmen.

    The other thing I found aboput Xavier that their clinical rotations are supervised or say arranged by the GMC Group.So the 3rd and 4th yr students can do their rotations in One city, they don't have to hop from one to the other city every 3 months or so and their is no waiting time also between any 2 rotations.
    I am sure any 3rd or 4th yr student will vouch for this.OR may be the moderator of this forum.Frankenstone.

    In a nut shell Xavier is a good school with a good financing option for the entire period of your study.Plus they have a great clinical placement service. where as on the other hand I never heard of anything of this nature with Windsor. Forget about hearing if you call their office they don't even have the minimum possible office infrastructure or information base for their prospective students.
    These are the facts.You are the best judge,so has to make the final call.

    Good Luck

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    none of the above

    stick to these schools in this order..

    st. georges
    st. matthews(still no cali though)

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