Hey guys.....

A lot of people in Auba know about the school moving to Aruba. There are some people who may try to "help" you into finding a place. BE WARY. There are rip-off artists everywhere. they will often Jack the prices up on you from the original quote. This has already happened and I will tell you the story.

A student had someone helping them find a place and she could speak spanish but the rep didn't know this. So happens that the landlord wasspeaking spanish and the landlord said 1200 Aruban Guilders. When the student asked how much the rep said 1200 DOLLARS. She started talking to the landlord in spanish and the rep was upset.

There are already price increases for housing because they think students are rich. I'm not saying all landlords are like, because it happens here too, but just look around.

Many people in Aruba/the Netherlands Antilles speak English so not to overly worry.

Just a heads up.

What Xavier needs to do is change their policy to 45,000 dollars a year
(financial aid max with Co-signer) to 45,000 dollars every two semesters like lost other schools. Because I don't go out to eat hardly and I am already way beyond my budget......