As a new student to XUSOM i was just wondering what i can expect from the profs and if anyone has results from USMLE step 1 after attending xavier. I realize it is a new school but im sure that some people have completed the USMLE through XUSOM. Also what do you think about the living conditions and campus life. Also , how are the hunnies?! 8)

Also for all the haters, who say that Ross and other older schools are the better choice. Everything has to start somewhere, and the infrastructure and system they are implementing at xavier seems to be THE best new system, their curriculum and system is certified by IMED and after talking to the admin for 3 weeks asking every question possible, i find that the staff is consistent and upfront with their responses. ive personally met and spoken with the CEO of the organization Cecil *******, whom is a very professional, accredited individual. His vision for the school is not to make a profit (the organization is classified as non-profit) like many others, but to train those who want to become doctors.