Just FYI,

Here are some prices for those who are budgeting to come to the island. All prices in guilders. Conversion is 1.65 - 1.73 to one US DOllar.

Fresh Milk. Gallon. 10.95
Milk-Shelf Approx quart 2.25
Bread 2.5 - 3 guilder a loaf
Eggs 3.00
Bag of Lays potato chips 6.00 when they actually have it.
Sliced reeal cheese 7.50 for 8 oz.
Block cheese 6.00
Bounty paper towels 3.65 roll regular.
OTher paper towels 2.25 guilders
Candy bars . 1.35
Ice cream - All of it is garbage made with powdered milk. Only place to get good stuff is at the Warehouse - in the floor freezer - Nestle- 8 guilder 1/2 gallon.
Cereal - 8.00 to 9.00 for the Name brand stuff (fruit loops etc,) 5 guilders other that that.

Gas is 1.62 per liter for regular 1.69 for super. Diesel just went up from .62 to 1.62 per liter
Oscar meyer lunch meat - 5.50 package
Tropicana juice 8.50
Meat .99 per 100 grams of lean Ground beef.
Ragu spaghetti sauce is 6.00 a jar
Soda is 4 guilders a 2 liter unless you know where to buy it real cheap - four 2-liters for 10 guilder.
Case of Polar beer 30.00
Margarine 3 guilder box
Chips ahoy cookies 8.5 package
Dawn small concentrated 5 guilders
Roach spray 5-8 guilders depends on size
Shoes. Cheap, junk, saandals that wear holes around your foot - 6 guilder - bring all your own shoes!!

Shampoo - good stuff - name brand - 8-9.00 a bottle.
El Paso taco dinner kits 8.00
All vegetables. More than you pay at home without a doubt.
Shaving cream - cheap stuff - 4.00
Disposable razor cartridges - bring your own. They probably wont have yours

Head of lettuce. 3.60

For you women out there, they do have a limited selection of pads and tampons. They have stayfree. O.B. but maybe not the selection your used too. Just the main choices not all the different kinds.

OK. Thats all of it off the top of my head. I hope this will help some of you budget realistically. There is cheaper stuff. But I will tell you, some stuff is hit or miss. Some stuff is OK, other stuff is absolute vomit.
:wink: :wink:

Besides some few things, I really don't care for Dutch food or dishes. But the Dutch women are VERY nice. :D