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    premed in caribbean or finish degree in Canada first


    I live in canada and I've been out of school since 1997. My last schooling was at University and i did not do very well due to some personal difficulties and lack of funds. I decided to go back to school but i was not sure if i should go back to Canadian University and finish my degree program first or do the premed in med school in the island, then an MD degree. I consider myself a smart guy but i have been out of school for 11 years now and worry about how i'll be able to manage med school. If i go back to school here in Canada, i'll have two years to finish up. I've read in some post where people keep saying to try to avoid doing premed in the caribbean. Why is that so bad? My worry is that since i've been out of school so long, med school might be very overwhelming and since its more expensive i'll be loosing money. Whereas if i finish my degree here in Canada first, when i get to med school my brain will be functioning well again. What do you guys think i should do. I got accepted to Saint James School of Medicine and Xavier School of medicine for september 2008 and i'm still waiting for responses from other schools. I may choose Xavier if i decide med school first. For those who have experienced Premed, how challenging is it. A friend of mine says it would be better to do the premed in the caribbean because what i will be learning is directly aimed at medical school minus all the filler courses, whereas my Kinesiology is more general info. What do you guys think. Let me know. All opinions are welcomed. This is a big decision for me.
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