The single most important red flag in your med school quest is unresponsiveness.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard a variation of "they were all over me when I was asking about admissions, but once they had my tuition check, they stopped talking to me."

It is very frustrating to be ignored. Here are two of many ways to test the school's responsiveness:

(1) Find an email address of some department other than admissions. If that's the only address published, write to it and ask for some dean's email, or some faculty member, or the janitor. Anybody except Admissions. Write to that person and ask something (how many people are in a typical class, etc.), and see what happens.

(2) Get the email address or phone number of the CEO and communicate with that person. If s/he is too important for the school to release that information, it is a sign of trouble. If the big shot is too big to talk to a person contributing to his/her profits, there are plenty of other schools who will be glad to relieve you of your tuition dollars and whose head cheese isn't too heady to talk to you.