Hey guys whats up, I am transferring to Xavier Aruba in Jan 07 to the 4th semester. I am coming from UNIBE in santo domingo....because I want to do my clinicals in the states and I am currently preparing for the Step 1.

What is the housing situation?? How much?? and How close to campus??

Is there anyone looking for a room mate for next semester?? I prefer a male room mate. I happy as long as I am close to school and have internet access.

What is the situation on transportation?? can you rent a car for the entire semester?? how is public transportation?? what about owning a bike??

Is the enviroment conducive to a good study enviroment?? what about the library??

Is there a proper gym?? ( this is very important to me)

And of course whats the food situation like??

How much should I plan to spend monthly??

What is student life like, what should I expect.

Since I am only coming for 1 semester, do I have to get a visa, or can I fly in as a visitor and if I do everstay the vaction/visitor visa what is the tax I would have to pay on it.

Is there anything else I need to know, anything to bring, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

thank you


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