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    WAS Going to Apply to this school


    Hey guys,

    I not bashing the school b/c I nor other know about the school, but I just want to make you aware of my experience. All I know is that the pictures of the school looks nice.
    Anyway, I started to apply online on Xavier's site and when I got to the 7th or 8th page, the page stated the school would run a credit check on me. Once I saw that, closed the application site. I am applying to a number of carb. med schools and I have NEVER EVER been asked about my credit. This shows that they are concern about money first before grades. I not sure if they will reject you if you have good grade but a bad credit score, but it is possible.
    I don't have bad credit, but this just put up red flags. Anyway, my parents are paying for/borrowing for the bank for my med education. Why pull a student's credit??????
    I also, everytime I called the admissions, no one was there to ask my questions. What's up with that?

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    They never did a credit check on me... That's weird. I'm in Med 1 right now. The school is good. The students are all really nice. They are really busy right now in Aruba and with any new school, they're getting admissions set up and stuff so it's a little hectic because they don't have a set system that works efficiently for them yet.

    Try calling the office in Boston or Atlanta. They usually call back within 24 hours.

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    credit check


    When I applied to US med schools the secondary apps I got from individual schools stated that they would run a credit check, not all but a few of the schools. This is so that their respective financial aid offices can acquire private loans to include in the FA package. This is done as a courtesy to the student. It is up to the student to accept/deny these loans. Many students go on to med school after having maxed put federal monies for their bachelors and masters degrees, and these private loans make the difference between being able to afford medical school or not.

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