I got very sick yesterday (Friday) -- fever, chills, sweating, muscle cramps, joint pain, liquefied GI tract, and other things not suitable for family viewing.

It's the worst possible time, with quizzes on Monday and block exams next Wednesday and Friday. I cannot do anything but sleep (and post). Therefore, I'm going to fail everything, and I'm really aggravated about that.

I haven't been this sick in years, so something must have hit hard. I have three theories as to what caused this, judging by things that happened immediately prior to onset. I don't want to disclose them now so as not to prejudice the reports of other students who may be sick. If any of my theories are correct, many other students will get sick because they are all ongoing situations, but they can all be corrected.

If you are sick, or get sick during this semester, please post here or PM me and I will take your medical history by PM, in an attempt to uncover a pattern which I can bring to people who may be willing to do something about it (assuming, of course, that they give a poop). I already have two other cases to work with, but I need a lot more.