Looking for some serious advice.

I finished my undergrad and have been offered a place in the MD program at Windsor SOM. I was also offered the same place a few years back but declined it since I wanted to try in Canada. Canada may or may not work out but I would like to start med in Sept 2015. Anyways here's the situation. I've been accepted to SGUL- London and the Nicosia programs as well. Graduating from there would make me a UK graduate, eligible to apply for F1 if anything. However, I am worried about the USMLE component. They also get you to do your clinicals in the US (so last two years).

Windsor follows US-based curriculum. How much time is allocated for USMLE prep if anyone could tell me? This may allow for a better score of course other factors included.

SGUL - while a great program and everyone seems satisfied with the quality of education they are receiving (very clinical based), is not USMLE geared. At the end of second year you get about 4-6 weeks off in which you write your test. They offer Kaplan and NBME for prep purposes.

Now, because I would like to match obviously, I'm worried about the USMLE component.

Can anyone shed light on my situation and advise on which option may be better?

Thanks a lot.