I am currently in the midst of applying for residency, and I applied to more than 150 programs in the worst parts of the US where many students do not want to go, and with all of that I got only one interview till date.

Well without disclosing obvious details, my step 1 was between a 230-240, and my step 2 was near a 250 and no red flags at all. to put it all into perspective, so the competition is real and very tough. I was told however by an residency advisor, that if I was a US Citizen with a bachelors degree I would be a shoe in with my scores but the canadian citizenship, the lack of connections (extended cousins dont count as connections- connections means a direct blood relative who has sway in the residency program you are applying to), and not having finished my Bsc in Canada is my biggest pitfall in my application.

Things are changing at the speed of light, and residency program directors do not like taking international citizens anymore and also for all Carib students, if one is a US or Canadian citizen, there should be ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why they dont have some kind of undergraduate/college degree. However, you will find that they are sympathetic towards US Citizen applicants who went to college, finished college, and write in their personal statement that they came to the carrib school because college was immensely tough, they messed up their first few years, and they were under competitive for admission into a US or Canadian med school but now that they have taken the steps and did well in medical school, resulting in their approach towards life and responsibility has changed.

Hence why SGU and the big 4 do very well in the match