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Thread: Tips for New Windsor Students!

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    Tips for New Windsor Students!

    Tips for New Windsor Students!

    First, Medical School is a vehicle to get to board exams. Getting residency and licensure is up to matter what school you go to.

    Second, do not worry about getting residency, licensure ect...until you have passed your board. Focus on the task at hand...passing your Basic Sciences.

    be true to yourself. If you have the desire but not the aptitude for medicine than be true to yourself. No school will make you pass a are the one who has to put in the time and effort. No one else can do this but you! Take for example all the transfer students that Windsor has...the schools that they came from are not bad. Its the effort that the students put in that determined where they are.

    Things you will need at Windsor MED 1 / Island Tips :


    • Laptop – yes everything is on power point! (Mac or PC)
    • Small Printer – The school does print things for you in BW but the copies are bad and color really helps – printing paper and cartridges are a must.
    • "Jump Drive" 1+ GB (Tech Deals site LINK )
    • External Hard Drive 350+ GB (Trust me you will need it for movies and USMLE review material)
    • Movies (DVD’s), Video games, ect… (There is a movie theater in St.Kitts but its like a “Dollar movie theater” )
    • Surge protector (APC Brand)
    • Wireless router if you plan on getting internet.
    • Unlocked Tri band cell phone...if you can. (But Free from the school, International In coming calls are free on Cable and Wireless)
    • Skype..ect ( When you get internet you will want to call home)
    • Some Basic School supplies (pens, highlighters, note cards)
    • Box of Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones...You can get the ones that construction workers use at home depot.

    • BOOKS : Additional books for med one
      • BRS Anatomy, Physiology, Goljan Rapid Review Pathology, Langmans Embryology

    • Good Site to search for the cheapest books LINK
    • If you can get the whole BRS series it will be very,very useful. Old editions are ok and can be found at or craigslist.
    • Good Sites for PDF booksMY BLOG

    • Water filter – Brita (bottle water gets real expensive real fast)
    • Spice Mixes (Indian/Paki/Nigerian/Chinese)
    • Snack Bars
    • Drink Mixes (Ice T, Cool Aid,ect...) not cheap on the island.
    • Protein Shake mix (If you work out) (3 gyms on St.Kitts)
    • Do not bring canned items..they weigh down you luggage too much.
    • Britta water Jug...Clean water is a must! (Extra filters)
    • First Aid Kit with medicines (Tylenol, Hydrogen cortisone, ect…) If you have allergies than bring extra medicine, just in case.
    • A Battery powered Alarm clock.
    • Flashlight (Just in case the power goes out)
    • You favorite toiletries – (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, ect…) very expensive and hard to find at times.
    • Backup toothbrush
    • Foreman Grill or similar (makes your life easy)
    • Good Frying Pan...(Most homes should come with pots and pans as well as utensils.) There are cheap Chinese stores in downtown if you need to buy anything...
    • Small coffee maker (optional favorite coffee/filters)
    • Toaster if you have space
    • Sunscreen (SPF 15 < ) wear it everyday.
    • Sunglasses (Must) Bring an extra pair if you tend to loose yours. It's very hard to find a nice pair here at a reasonable price...
    • With the new Dress Code at the school. Make sure to bring dress slacks, polos, and dress shoes. Males and Females in professional attire. Wal-Mart or Target should do... nothing fancy.

    • You can use your US or Canadian ATM cards here. Just check with your bank as to the ATM fees. Wells Fargo charges me 5 us per transaction.

    • Remember to always pay in EC Dollars. First thing when you get to the island exchange your money. The locals love to take advantage of newbies. You can pay in U.S. Dollars but exchange rates vary greatly.

    • H – Buses (Buses with green license plates) are much cheaper than Taxis. You just have to ask the driver if he is going to your part of town.
    • If you have to use a Taxi use TIGER he is the cheapest and gives students the best rates.
    • You can rent scooters for 250-300US per month.
    • Cars run around 300-400US per month.
    • If you buy a car pay no more than 4K other wise you will have a hard time selling it.
    • Try to avoid renting scooters from Big Banana! Several students have had major issues.

    • Places to get Groceries…in order to comparability to US grocery stores : IGA, RAMS (near school), Super Foods (Near ROSS nursing school) , RAMS (Downtown) (cheapest), CC Super foods, Value Mart.

    • Best places to live in order Frigate Bay, Golf View (near Marriot Casino Hotel) Lime Kin (Near ROSS nursing school) and Bird Rock. School has housing in all three locations but the Frigate bay area fills up fast. And mostly girls are placed there. Most of the guys are in Lime Kin or Bird Rock.

    • The cheapest airfare to St.Kitts is always on
    • Also sign up for the AAdvantage Program program. If you go back every break you should have enough miles for a free ticket. I also have the AA credit card and charge everything on it so I have managed to get two free tickets so far.

    • If you are flying to St.Kitts your first time out than try to avoid Puerto Rico. Sometime if the time between your arrival and departure flights is short you luggage will not arrive until the next flight or next couple of days. If you still want to take the PR flight due to cost than pack 3-5 days of extra clothing on your carry on.


    • If you want to ship something like a scooter or a bicycle from the States you need to use Tropical Shipping. Some of the students ordered bikes from wal-mart and had them shipped directly to Tropical. They had their bikes down here in about 1 weeks. They also do barrel shipping from US and Canada.


    • Buy some decent luggage. Costco or Sams Club has a lifetime warranty on their luggage. Trust me you will wear it out if you have some cheap stuff. Also if you can manage purchase a good backpack or small duffel bag. You should be able use the bag to carry at least 40-50 lb of stuff. You do not have to check in your carry on which is in addition to your laptop bag.

    U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs' Overseas Citizens Services
    You thought you were just bringing home a ceramic monkey, but instead you've picked up a concussion, 73 stitches, and a trial date in a Moroccan drug court. Luckily, you have the U.S. Department of State's Overseas Citizens Services on speed dial. Their case officers can assist in handling robberies, medical emergencies, missing passports, and pretty much any other sort of calamity that could ruin a family vacation. 202-501-4444

    My advice :

    , learn the definitions. Have a Medical dictionary handy or use one online. Before you can start to learn Medicine you need to know what the terms mean.

    Second, use the class power points as an outline. Go over them as you get them. DO NOT FALL BEHIND. Keep reading everyday, cramming will get you no where.

    , use the BRS series for anatomy, physiology, and pathology. They are to the point and every item is High Yield.

    , do very well in your weekly exams. Out of 30% you need at least 25-30% to be safe for the finals. They are the only bonus points you will get. Because the final is 70% of your grade...and is comprehensive.

    , make a study group your first semester. It is the hardest semester because everything is new to you. Keep the group to 2-3 people. (Any more, than its a party) Take notes over every thing you learn and then use them for the finals. Make charts, graphs and Mnemonics. (This is called active learning and you will remember more if its in your own words.) Make sure you are surrounded by students that work harder than you.

    , use the office hours with the teachers to grasp concepts you do not understand. Plus, you will establish a rapport with them...which may help you when you need a letter or recommendation for the MATCH.

    , surround yourself with people who are positive. Students who are on the island to be doctors not playboys and dope heads. There are a lot of students that exude negativity , don't get caught up in their misery. You will need a good support network while on the island.

    , learn the material well. Your 4 semesters on the island will be the foundation of your medical education. Do not waste your time. You are competing with US students for residency spots. Not the students in your class. Know Path, Pharm, Physio cold. Your goal is 99% on the USMLE.

    Nine, Get rest. Study normal hours 6-10. Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Your brain need time to process the information you learned. Do not miss class. Even if you are tired. If you can learn one thing than the class was worth it.

    , make sure you take one day off a week. You need down time...a tired brain is a lost one.

    Good Luck! Work Hard!

    And lastly make a path that others can follow. You want people in your class and school to do well. It will make it easier for you when residency comes around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ntls View Post
    Does anyone know of a pawn shop or cash converters or anywhere which sells electronics? I know there's one called Cash Something but can't remember the name. Also, any places to buy/sell stuff other than here or the students page on facebook?
    Courts next to the KFC and TDC electronics. There's a TDC home goods store and a TDC electronics in town. There's also a few stores called "quick bargain" in town for random accessories. There's another office type store across the dominos in town.

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    Round about into basseterre Cayon st., turn right, second store on ur left. That's another one.

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    That's great advice!
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