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    they will give credit for FAILED courses that students took at other schools with or without a transcripts


    For those who need proof here it is:


    Why would a school need to offer such an application if they didn't offer to accept other school's credits without transcripts? ? Remember for those who will want to analyze this doc or my statement, when ppl do not have transcripts there is no stoping them from lying, because there is no proof of what they did or did not do!

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    Sure why not??

    It is not school owners problem when these are going for residency or licensure later on and they are getting screwed.

    The Medical boards in the states that still could possibly take Wondsor should be informed of things like this.

    It is more likely Saddam will be the next president of the US, than Windsor getting Ca, TX, KS, CO, PN, FL, NY, NM, NV, and so on, on on apporval.

    I just need to find out which state they CAN be licensed in, because that's not a place I would like to get sick.

    SOns OF Jafeth

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