***This thread is about a major crime cover up being done by the faculty at Windsor University School of Medicine; However, given ALL the previous victims were foreign students living at Frigate Bay, I thought it would be useful to post about this crime on other St. Kitts forums as well. If you know any of your friends whose computer was hacked while he was staying on the island, then you should let him know he is not alone and that Marriott I.T. is behind this. The management at Marriott have absolutely no idea this is happening. Please read the forum carefully***

Reference video with evidence:
YouTube: Crime being done by MANON MOISE, against Windsor students living at Angelus

There is a major crime cover up being done by the faculty at Windsor University School of Medicine and there are many Windsor students that have been victimized and lost money.

Before I begin, I know some people will say that this is just a rumor and I am spreading it because I am an expelled student but I swear to my parents lives that this crime is true and a lot of money has been stolen by Angelus employees, M. Moi. and Jan. Han…’s spouses who work at Marriott hotel. If you read till the end of this thread, you will see that I was expelled from Windsor in order to stop this news from spreading. Before this, I had nothing against WUSM and I never complained of anything, unlike some other students. There is a very significant effort from the main faculty at Windsor to hide this crime from students and especially the parents. I think another reason to cover up this crime is due to large number of Windsor students who are living at Angelus.

I personally stayed at Angelus for over two consecutive years and close to the end of my lease, I found out that my computer was hacked by M. Moi and J. Han.’s spouses who work in the I.T. department at Marriott hotel and I have obtained RECORDINGS along with other evidence from these two that proves that there are stealing money from students and that there are many students that have been victimized.
The school official and security know very well that this crime has been going on but they are trying to cover it up as I will explain in more details below.

If you know anyone of your friends that was hacked while he was staying at Angelus, or even in frigate bay area, you should contact him and let him know about this. The hackers pretend to be a Nigerian student but they are actually the spouses of M. and JAN... who work at Marriott. Your friend computer may have been hacked after he was no longer on the island.

A lot of locals know about this crime and there are even number of Angelus employees who know about this but for some reason they don’t do anything about it.
The article below was published to indirectly let the previous victims know that they are not alone. Please read it carefully. This article was published before I even started going to St. Kitts. The newspaper wants to publish another article to shed light on this crime.

Is there an extortion ring in St.Kitts? By Stanford Conway
“BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – IT is being bandied that an extortion ring exists within a certain community in Basseterre and the targeted victims are business owners……..Speaking with Dwyer Astaphan on the matter, he opined that it has been practised in the Federation for quite some time.………. “I believe we been having that kind of activity in the place for some time in one way, shape, form or the other, both at the street level and in the jacket-and-tie circles of the society.”……. “So it is not just at the street level, but, in my opinion, it’s been happening at the jacket-and-tie level as well,” he added……..Always bear in mind that criminals are also intelligent. Some of them have impressive academic pedigrees, especially those engaged in organised crimes.”

About half way through my tenancy at Angelus, I was informed by the manager, M…. Moi….., that there is a major leak from my shower into the unit below and she needs to move me since the maintenance workers need to cut a big hole in the concrete floor of the bathroom in order to fix this. She told me that this process in going to take several weeks and they need to shut the water of to my unit. M. Moi… then took me to room 305 and she offered me a big discount for me having to move there.
Even though she initially told me that the leak is currently causing damage, she did not move me until about ten weeks after our initial conversation. Also, about 8 months after she moved me, I went back to my old room and there was absolutely no repair done to the shower. The concrete was never cut and it was exactly the same as when I was living there. (I will attach the pictures of it to this thread).
I should also point out that the woman who does the engineering maintenance of Angelus, lives one floor down from room 305. She lives there with her husband, Gino. I am 100% certain that she is fully aware of this activity; however, I don’t know if she is directly involved in this.
From what I understand, the internet at Angelus, and even Royal, is connected to Marriott. When you turn on the TV at Angelus, it says “Welcome to Marriott of St. Kitts”. Also when the internet in the lobby of Marriott was down, the internet at Angelus was down too.
The I.T. install malware into the student’s computers through the cable box that is located at the bottom of each stairway at Angelus. I don’t know how exactly they are doing this but they install the malware through a fake update prompt on a software that most people may have on their computer, like Skype, viber, etc. After the malware is installed, they pretty much have complete access to the student’s computer.

The hackers pretend to be one the Nigerian students but they are the spouses of M. Moi…. And J. Han… who work in the I.T. department at Marriott. They have done this to many students. They have even hacked the school’s directory. If you google your name and Windsor student ID, then the name of every student ever enrolled at Windsor comes up.
Marriott management have absolutely no idea that there is a major criminal ring operating from their I.T. room. Tens of thousands dollars of stolen money have gone to J. HAN…’s husband. I tried to mail Marriott preliminary evidence to inform them what is happening but the security guard at Marriott prevented it from getting to the director or to the general manager (Jacque Hamou). I will upload my evidence of this.

The school officials are fully aware of this and they are trying everything they can to cover this up. They don’t believe me there are many students that have lost money.
When I was on the island, I desperately and repeatedly asked Dr.V for help. When I was taking to him over the phone, I was standing on the grass in front of the Angelus stairways. He suddenly heard a car go by, and he asked me if I was outside of my room. When I said yes, he shouted and told me to go back to my room [at Angelus] and not to tell anyone about this.
Once the Windsor security was aware of this, they stopped answering my phone calls and text messages. I think I send them around 3o texts asking for help and they never responded to any of them. After few days had passed, the security sent a text to me saying that you are advised not to talk to anyone about this and you should not approach any of the staff and the residences at Angelus. (SEE VIDEO)
When the situation was getting desperate and I was getting no help from the school, I even called the housing employee/ bus driver, Kim..…., and he simply hung up the phone on me as I was explaining him the situation.
They kept telling me to get of then island as soon as possible and once the committee had a chance to get together and discuss the Angelus issue, then I can come back and resume my studies. After I left, I emailed Dr. V and other faculty members around 40 times on updates on when I can come back to resume my studies but they kept ignoring my emails. They did send me 3-4 emails saying that they are discussing it but then they would stop communicating until the new semester had begun and it was too late for me to join the semester.
Now Dr. V has informed me in an email that I cannot come back to the island to resume my studies and I should quit. He did wish me luck in my future endeavors.
I should point out that during this time, Windsor security was in constant communication with M. Moi… and even though my internet was disconnected for over a month, they would not call the cable company to come and fix it. I even went to the cable company in town but they said that only the manager, who has the account number, can order to technician to come.
During this whole time, I was only able to contact my family about 1-2/week and this made them extremely worried.

I have a lot of evidence to prove all my claims. I have also filed 9 police reports across the street from Angelus, but they don’t want to process my claims. My guess is because so much of their income comes from Marriott. I have evidence of my police recording as well.
The recording is from the manager of Angelus, M. Moi….. For people who are living there, they probably recognize her voice immediately because she has a distinctive accent.
In the recording she pretends to be an agent from insurance company where I have a health policy with. M. Moi… did not know that I was recording her. I kept asking her question and until she spoke for about 4-5 minutes. ONLY THE HACKER WOULD KNOW THE INFORMATION THAT SHE DISCUSSED DURING THAT PHONE CONVERSATION (ex. How much I was getting back for my dental visit, when was my insurance premium came into effect,etc). I even called the insurance company and they said that they record all calls from and to their office and after checking my account, they said no one from our office has ever called you during that time frame.

I will add more detailed to this thread and to Youtube videos that I making since I did not know how to attach voice recording to this thread. I did try to explain this with as much details as possible but if anyone has any question or doesn’t believe me, then please let me know and I will clarify all the doubts and question.
I absolutely don’t care if no one believes me that there is major crime going on at Angelus but, Again, I ask everyone to please think if anyone of your friends that may have experienced similar things and to let them know that they are not alone and that they can get their money back.