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    Windsor and Greenbook Rotations


    ACGME rotations = green book or blue book

    Green = the rotation you're doing has a residency program for it in the hospital you're in
    Blue = the hospital you're in doesn't have a residency program for whatever rotation you're doing, BUT has other residency programs. This is where the "umbrella" term comes from.

    All Windsor rotations are ACGME rotations (so they say) but that doesn't mean crap. It's the green ones that matters.

    Unless you do all of your rotations on the island (international rotations are all considered green), you will be limited after residency when this green/blue book nonsense comes into play. I have just done some research and approximately 15 states require either all green cores (majority) or all green cores AND electives to practice there after residency. Add in the 'Cali list' states, that's about 20 states that most Windsor students will not be able to work in after residency.

    This is an absolute disgrace. All of this time and effort to only be able to work in 30 or so of the states? The majority being the crappy ones.

    They don't tell us this stuff before clerkships. Students should complain to Windsor for screwing people who are doing rotations in the US over!

    P.S. What I really want to know is how a rotation in some random country on the other side of the world is green and held in higher regard than most rotations we do in the US. It's a ** system to be honest. US clinical experience should be worth more.
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    30 states is better than 0, which is where everyone would be without Windsor.

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