Study Medicine in USA is a dream comes true for every medical aspirant. But study medicine in Caribbean Medical Schools is a reality fold with a dream. Many students with a potential dream to study MBBS in USA for the right exposure but canít get it through due to its cutthroat competitive admission test and high fees.
1. Holistic Evaluation
Most of the Caribbean Medical School such as Washington University of Barbados doesnít demand MCAT scores to apply. For Indian students also, there is no need to have MCI test. Most of the Caribbean Medical Schools offers an interview to any students who meet the minimum criteria for giving candidates a chance for proving their passion as well determination towards their medical goal.
2. Accelerated Study
Medical School in Caribbean offers an accelerated study program that allows students to complete their pre-medical coursework within the two years span of time. Guaranteed admission is reserved for qualified candidates. This program saves at least two years from the medical students.
3. Clinical Rotations in USA

Clinical Rotations in USA is a dream comes true for every medical aspirant. The USA is a place of abundant recognition and right exposure. The top Caribbean Medical School has the extensive network of clinical rotation throughout the United States. Very naturally, their students can avail the opportunity to have the facility of clinical sciences in the USA which is the foundation of their medical career.
4. Graduate success along with Residency Placement

Maybe Caribbean Medical Universities admission is comparatively less competitive, but less competitive/easy admission canít provide less competitive placement. Caribbean Medical School evaluates all the application carefully and later it prepares students to become a successful licensed physician with an above average score. Most of the Caribbean Medical School have a residency program that opens the door of future to the medical aspirants.
5. Tropical Paradise

Needless to say that Caribbean Medical School is renowned for its outstanding environment and sensational weather. Apart from its historic architecture, carnivals and water sports; Caribbean Island carries the extra charm for its breath-taking beauty and wonderful weather.The scenery of Caribbean Islands is a contribution of alluring weather, pristine beaches and landscape forest which is a perfect gateway of tranquillity and peace.