Caribbean Island is a place full of beauty with the diverse community. The main charm to study medicine in the Caribbean island is its astounding natural beauty with a sensational ecosystem. The Caribbean island is a place surrounded by diverse beaches with powdery white sand, the vast Atlantic sea, and most astounding thing is, its humanitarian background. Apart from the pristine beauty, Caribbean island is renowned for another reason. It is opening its gateway to the medical students by its alluring medical colleges in Caribbean Island.
Caribbean Island has some world-class medical schools which are recognized by their local governments and awarded as the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Aside from the tropical weather and pristine beaches, the Caribbean island gives the golden opportunity for students to provide them with a USMLE curriculum-based study. There are accredited Caribbean Medical school or Caribbean Medical University in Caribbean islands such as Washington University of Barbados, School of medicine. One good reason to admit into Caribbean Medical School is their affordable fee structure. Caribbean medical school fee is less than any USA medical school and Caribbean medical school tuition fee is also less. It is a great advantage to study MBBS in Caribbean Islands.

  • Caribbean Medical School Requirements

Caribbean Medical School has 4 years MD degree program and 5 years MD degree program. For 5 years MD degree program, they require a high school or secondary school diploma with the credits in science subjects (i.e., chemistry, biology, and physics), mathematics or calculus, and English. Technically, the students need to maintain professionalism, good communication, and interpersonal relationship. This is the other requirements for being admitted into Caribbean medical school.

  • Things to do while Selecting a Caribbean Medical School

It is good to check some criteria while a student is going to check the Caribbean medical college.
1. Check the Reputation and Track Record
2. Check the accreditation and approval of Licensure
3. Check the quality of students
4. Check the quality of curriculum
5. It is good to check the performance of students of USMLE step 1
Washington University of Barbados is committed to its students to assure their future and to cherish their medical dream to become a doctor with its serenity, eco- friendly campus, outstanding atmosphere, and quality medical education.