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    Test for San Raffaele 2015/2016 and info about the university


    Hi, I'm considering to register to the International MD Program test at the San Raffaele university in Milan. Could anyone here tell me how difficult the test is, how many students are attending this program, where are they from and how is campus life like?!? Tnx!!!

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    Hello! I'm a student from the fifth year of the program you ask about! I'll try to answer your questions:
    - about the test, I don't know if in the last years it changed, but what I can tell you is that it is full of logics and problem-solving/comprehension. It is obviously in English and the thing I liked most (and maybe saved me) is that there were only few questions on general topics like literature or geography
    - Each year there are 36 EU and 36 non-EU places, they are mostly completed thus each class is of 60-70 students, which (at least for Italian universities having a medicine course) is amazing, you will find yourself in a small class and each of you will have the deserved attention
    - People are from all over the world but I would say mostly from EU, USA, Canada, middle east and China! A great opportunity to mix with different cultures and understand more about the world (doctors nowadays must face the globalization and IMDP will certainly come useful)
    - the campus feels good, we are a small university so you get to know all your peers, there are a lot of things to do (sports, labs, concerts..) and the years of study pass quite well!

    Hope this helps


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