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    Helpful info regarding the USMLEs for IMGs


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    Getting into Residency...-period...

    …” RE:

    I do not know about you…but an IMG’s passage of the USMLE with a first attempt high score, for almost anyone with reasonable (1 year) US clinical experience, creates a 70-85% chance of matching in a primary care residency in the USA. Failure, will seriously reduce those numbers…We are not looking for hot dogs or hamburgers here, in order to get their ratings. The people that write very unusual and unverified information on these for a, appear to not have any idea what they are talking about. They also fail to realize that given the above-described importance of the USMLE, and clinical experience with good letters of recommendation, that these credentials are very likely (add Spanish speaking, and research, and grad degrees etc) to lead to jobs that will start at $130K, and escalate very quickly to $180-$240k per annum in total compensation packages.
    In light of the above overall circumstance, I strongly advise you to view an IMG- friend’s (Now a PGY-V) ‘real story-‘ 114,387+ views-(FULL-BLOWN WORK-UP)- blog with the keywords’ search terms provided below (along with a topical index). GL and GB YOU..


    FREE Registration Information at TOP KEY WORDS’ SEARCH RESULT (114,386

    IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency

    • “Landing here…”

    • Paid jobs

    • Clinical experience

    • Research experience

    • Graduate programs

    • USMLE passage-GUARANTEED and non guaranteed (“ THE REAL STORY”)

    o Course (online or live or other tutoring services)
     Experiences,
     Comparisons,
     Outcomes tallied

    • ERAS

    • “IMG-favoring-” residencies

    • LORS

    • Statements

    • Interviews

    • Residency

    • Salaries

    • Practice development

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