For those that are taking step 2's not that hard. Just make sure you practice with someone if you haven't started your residency. I took 8 wks for my results to come in. I studied for 2wks at the most. Used only First Aid step 2cs which all the clinical cases presented were on this book. It was very helpful. I did forget to write down a preg test for abnormal bleeding(and I'm an ob/gyn..hehe), I was nervous and totally forgot and didn't counsel as much as I should have....but I ended up passing. A must make sure never to forget to greet your patients by name, wash your hands before each exam, counsel, and explain to them what diagnosis and test you would like to run. I did have a telephone of a mother who was very stubborn and didn't want to follow my instructions...which was nerve racking and frustrated...I seriously didnt know what to do in that case, just kept my cool. Just be calm when you take your exam and make sure you practice with someone. If you are doing your residency....this exam is a waste of time...very easy.