I did the step 3 finally. Thanks everyone. I don't know whether I can pass or not, but I think it's kind of my honor to post this after my exam.

1st day of the exam : mostly Internal medicine, focused on the complications and treatment modalities. quite similar to the UW MCQ. Also the computer setting itself was closer to the UW. Some questions were pretty straightforward, but some are real tricky. I met one IM residency from Mt Sinai who was on the same schedule, he said something like 'it's very embarrasing when I found myself agonizing with the IM question... well let the Peds and ethics aside.' Peds are tricky, as real kids are. Much more questions from the ethics than I expected. But tried to follow the commonsense. Always advocate the patient's condition could lead one to a better choice I think. I studied 3 months basically but I hadn't put my whole hours for the exam, as many of u are... got 58% in UW, 76% in USMLE CD... but no one can be sure of the correlation btw the scores and real game. 1st CCS question was really tough that I couldn't make the patient get better.. every single lab was normal, can you imagine? all the labs used in the general-university based hospital were within normal range, including psychiatric survey. The other CCS were quite doable, but note that the computer is darn damn slow!!! They said the sessions are videotaped, and I came to think that they might fail someone who's losing his composure during the exam. So do not assume 20 minutes are more than enough, sometimes you find yourself spending 15 minutes waiting for the COMPUTER catching up your input.

I don't know whether I could pass or not. But anyway I did it. Thanks guys.