Dear everyone in this forum.
Wanted to let you know my overall exam experience, just took my st 3
i studied off and on for 6 months,with residency, it was extermely tough. please get some good sleep, i could not sleep well befor emy 1st day and had a headache throughout. the questions , i would say were not like kaplan q bank or book for step 3,there were almost 10-15 questions in each block that i was unsure of. the best bet would be to ask a medicine resident to describe 10 common CVS and RS cases that they see...lots of that on the exam.
few derm pics, few ecgs, but mostly you will be able to diagnose that on basis of history alone.pediatrics was a large part for me , very few psych and biostats luckily, obgyn almost 4 q per block..but ive heard people have differing proportions of rest of this stuff.i think day 2 was easier, cases were manageable for me almost 8/9 concentrate on usmle world, helped, do not learn the cases but try to see the general approach and make one for yourself, thats what i did.
good luck to all.