Hi guys
I'm back from my exam.
so here is my experience.
This exam was not that tough but we have to be very thorough with everything.
There r certain ques which r very vague and i never found such things in text books .there r many qs where u get stuck with 2 choices. so i guess whatever u studied and however u prepared will help u deal with those qs.

I had lots of peds.---i stress -lots of pediatrics.All common things-neonatalogy-ARDS,feeding probs esp.,emergency scenarios
Then i had lots of geriatrics also.I was surprised to see so many pts above 70 yrs.all common probs-lots of falls,alzheimers,incontinence-vague scenarios all mixed up,med side effects,parkinson's.then i had lots of neurology too-ALS,Myasthenia,seizures,strokes,GBS,huntinton's,ra bies ,polio.Know the various presentation very well.
then i had lots of xrays -chest ,skin pics were few,few CTs.
know diabetes,HTN,cholesterolemia.
I think all possible topics were covered.

Guys i strongly recommend Usmle world CCS and MCQs.they were really helpful.of course kaplan q book and bank is a must.
ssurgery and obgyn were common topics-eclampsia,maternal diabetes,routine prenatal screenings.
Then i had these ID qs.coomon causative orgms for orbital cellulitis,retropharyngeal abscess,peritonsillar abscess,pic of pemphigus vulrais asking TT,
I had these screening qs -maammo ,colonoscopy,pap smear.
tetanus and other vaccines and immunizations r very commonly asked ,so read them well.
thyroid disorders - very imp know all the scenarios and TT well.

and i forgot about ethics -lot and lots.i did not have beh science that much though.

So wish u good luck.
i hope i pass this exam.