Hi, I just did my step3 last week. I am a PGY 5 in orthopaedic surgery so you will agry that my general medecine is far... I took 1 week off and studied 10 hours a day. I studied the new USMLE FIRST AID STEP 3 and then did the 88 cases of the usmleworld.com twice.
I am confident to have passed the exam... will see in 4 weeks. I have to admit that the book first aid was great except lacking in prevention screening. For the CCS, all my 9 cases came from the 88 cases of usmleworld.com and all 9 finished after 10-12 minutes and never went on long, so i a's the ccs...
So, do not think you need to study months for step 3. I have to admit that lots of questions were responded before of experience during wards... I do not think that more studying would have been very helpfull.
Hope this will help some people
Good luck and like I have heard in the past say and it is the reality: you need the word PASS not 260!