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Thread: step 3

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    step 3


    I had some time so I thought I would share my step 3 experience and advice for those studying. I passed step 3 with a decent score.

    day 1 - is crazy hard and I was rushing to finish the last 2-4 questions for each of the sections. Questions were long like uworld but the content seem slightly different.

    day 2 - questions seemed better, felt I had more time to get through the sections and most sections I had extra time. CCS cases; some overlap with uworld, but not all the cases were represented. there were a few patients I managed where the time ended and I don't think I figured out what they had or got them better.

    overall when I finished the exam I did not have a good sense if I passed or failed. Scores are reported on Wednesday's about 4 weeks after you take the exam. there are apparently tricks to find out if you passed a couple days before your score report comes out but I don't know if they actually work. i suggest taking this exam asap in your training. as close to step 2 is best due to overlap in the material.

    advice for studying
    - do not waste your time with kaplan questions unless you have lots of time and want to add this to your studying. If you do kaplan questions alone you are at risk of failing depending on your base of knowledge.
    - uworld is the way to go. buy the databank so you have the most recent questions. The pricing seems like a ripoff but it is worth it. I scored about 50-55% on the material first time around. although the ccs cases are not exactly similar, the process of patient management is the same.
    - I wish I used a book like first aid or master the boards in addition to uworld. I was pressed for time so I just did uworld questions and passed with a good margin. If i used a review book, I feel like I would have been more confident in the exam material.
    - if you do the uworld assessment don't let a low mark get you down. I scored 30 points higher on the actual exam compared to the uworld assessment. The assessment does not take into account ccs, which is 25% of the exam, and it is just plain hard questions.

    good luck to everyone taking step 3. treat it seriously and you will pass.
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