worthless exam and scored increased recently to keep up with our failing economy. i mean why increase the passing score? are they stating we need smarter doctors, no silly. they need more people to fail so they can make it rain with our money!!!! don't worry, it only gets worse. lets see we get paid less than nurses, work longer hrs than anyone in hospital, takes forever to finish, boards are crazy expensive, half my friends are divorced or had failed long term relationship, we study after working long crazy hrs, did i mention the janitors get more respect than us, insurance companies can't wait for us to mess up on our billing, medicaid laughs when we submit claims, and don't forget your loans...the banks are waiting to get paid...mmm wow how we didn't think about this when we had our blinders on back in organic days. don't need anyone to sugar coat the reality of medicine and where it is going, its sad. wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.