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Thread: CCS experience

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    szheimer Guest

    CCS experience


    I was working on a CCS case with unexpected termination.
    60 yo asian female with epigestric pain related with meals. Pt is weak, tired for 3 months but no significant loss of wgt. PE: pale and mild epigastric tenderness. I did FOBT, CBC, BMP, TSH, LFTs and send her home with return on next result. She returned with +fobt and Hb 9.x. I send her home for the rest of the lab when case closed. I could not get endoscopy done and missed the rest work up.
    Question: what could I do to avoid unwanted termination of a case. The CCS appears to some hidden traps and I am blind to these traps.

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    hydrochlorothiazid Guest

    I suspect I had it. I got to ask for endoscopy and GI consult, but consult did not want to do that/said continue medical tx/. But I also found out that patient had renal failure-I did all labs right away. I remember this case because i suspected stomach ca so strongly.
    I also found out that if you wait a little thinking what to do the computer ends case. I was thinking too long in to cases .

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