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    Delia S Guest

    Question about books...please help.


    I have passed Step 1 and am interested in Step 2.
    For Step 2:
    People here refer to Kaplan books and notes in studying for Step 2. Are there a different set of Kaplan books for Step 2? I am looking at the Kaplan website and they only seem to have study books for Step 1. The only material for Step 2 are the Q-books.
    Am I missing something here? When people here refer to Kaplan study books, are they referring to old Step 1 books as reference? What about notes?
    Basically, if anyone who is preparing or who has taken the exam...if you could do it over again, what books would you use for Step 2 and the wards?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Step 2

    I read through the kaplan medicine book but thought it was too detailed. I personally think the best book is Crush Step 2 by Adam Brochet. I read that book numerous times and supplemented some subjects with Boards and Wards. I also highly recommend doing USMLE world questions. With this combination i had no problems with Step 2
    Hope this helps

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    I agree with the above poster. I took step 2 about a week ago. I read both crush the boards and first aid for step 2 and I think between those two books, you should have a good grasp of high yield material. You could read the kaplan step 2 books if you really wanted to cover all of your bases and if you had the time. Make sure you do plenty of questions. Start off with the kaplan Q bank questions and then go through usmle world as many times as you can and as you are going along, read and understand the explanations because I think they can make the difference during the actual exam.

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    my 2 cents

    I am currently studying from Kaplan books and secrets book which is by the same author from crush the boards. I think the kaplan and secrets books compliment eachother well. I get the most high yield out of secrets but read through kaplan just to get a more in depth picture. I am also doing step 2 Q bank questions...they are quite easy but have good explainations. Once i am done with at least 2 readings and all qbank questions..will then move onto NMS questions and finally to usmle world! Time is an issue for me since i am doing my 4rth year electives as well.I plan on taking this exam by march at the latest! So thats how i am preparing..
    hope this helps and to those who have taken this exam..feel free to comment on my prep style.
    thanks and good luck to all

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