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Thread: usmle step2

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    usmle step2


    hi there
    i am from india.giving usmle... i am giving step 2 first in jan 2006. i have not done my step one . i want to know if i am at a disadvantage .... are any step one q histology, pharmac,patho asked in detail which might pose a problem in my givin th exam. i am studyin kaplan notes, kaplan q bank, mock tests.plz reply.
    thanks in advance
    and hey does anyone want to be my study partner

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    I highly recommend u do step 1 first before step 2. There are questions from pathophiso and pharmac questions even on step 2. You will realize after step 1 that step 2 is easier to study. If u do step 2 first u might not get a good score either which is more important than your step 1 score in residency.

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    I also advise you do step 1 first. I unfortunately did step 2 first and I regret it. There is a significant amount of step 1 material on step 2 exam. After doing step 1 you'll have an easier time studying for step 2.

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