I want to create a skype-group of stepfighters I am an IMG from the Middle of Europe. I have just passed step1 and currently I am preparing to the next steps. I work 5 days/week so I can only study for MLE evenings and weekends therefore I am not looking for study partners to spend together the whole days on skype. I am seeking people who are preparing for steps (doesn’t matter if 1,2 or3) along their own plan and who need sometimes to talk to others on the same boat. Such a group would be a source of motivation (sometimes is enough when I see that I am not the only one studying at night, power- to give support when someone is in the dumps and knowledge (exchange of experiences concerning e.g. applications or steps that someone has already passed, maybe discussion about some topics, it would depend on us!). If anybody is interested please let me know , my skype ID: brainstorming_86