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    CS Experience - followup


    I had posted earlier that I would write my experiences so here I am. Basically it's more or similar to the ones already posted. I'll just try to write how I dealt with the cases in general without mentioning what cases actually came on the test.
    The cases are similar to the ones in USMLE world and if anyone does those cases in toto i don't think there should be any problm. Before starting each scenario, I stood at the door for about 40 secs. reading the instructions and writing on my board the name, Differential diagnosis of the patient on whcih I was going to base my history taking on and the words PAM HUGS FOSS, so I don't forget any of the history. At the end of the history I would just glance at my board to see if I had missed anything. I would then enter and introduce myself. I shook hands about 50% of the times. I would then sit down without draping thr patient and take the history, making sure to probe into relevant ares. Then when it's time to do the physical exam would aks the patient if he/she was comfortable till now and ask if it would be ok to do a physical. Always wash hands and then drape the patient. Make sure to pull out the leg rest when laying down the patient and to offer back support to the patient when laying him/her down. Also help the patient up from the lying position when the exam is finished. Never touched a painful area twice. Offer profuse apologies if you make the patient uncomfortable due to any of your maneuvers. Aslo always explain what you're gona do next and what it's for. When taking off the gown always ask if it's ok and tie it back at the end. I made sure I had about 3 mins. at the end for councelling. I think that the most important part. First just summarize and tell the patient what you think could be going on but that you need to confirm it with some investigations. Then always ask if there are some quesions and answer them. Go out by saying that the patient could get in touch anytime if he'she wishes and that you're always available. I also shook some of the patients hands at the end told them it was nice meeting them. Always typed my patient notes as I cannot even undrstand my own handwriting hehe. Started as usual with the DD's and investigations, then history and finally PE. Make sure you only write down the PE you hve actually done and not one that you have memorized. e.g don't write PERLA in HEENT if oyu have not actually done the eye exam.
    I hope all this would be of help to all of you

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    thank you

    I find your CS experience very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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