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    George. Guest

    PASSED on Aug/26 Houston


    First of all, I really thank tutor of csaforum. net, Joe, Perhaps, Tiffany and my friends for your encouragement for me.
    I am full time worker (researcher) and I only have 2-3 hrs a day. I studied for this CS for three weeks.
    On Saturday and Sunday, I practiced for 2-3 hrs.
    I have not taken any Kaplan course. I am an old IMG.
    Last Friday, OASIS trick looks I passed.
    Today I got the result and I now convinced that I cleared this CS.
    I subscribed USMLE world for a month and this helped me a lot. If you do USMLE world, it should be OK. I was not sure if it is enough just doing usmle world, I did only mini-cases of FA. I don't have enough time to read through the entire of FA.
    FA mini-case is helpful to think about differential diagnosis. I think mini-case is more difficult than real exam.

    At the real exam, in each case, I found some mistakes.
    I tried to improve it during the exam.
    I finished every case before the announcement but I found some mistakes or I should have performed physical exam more in detail while I was writing the patient note.
    Don't give up during the exam.
    Believe yourself and knows that every examinees are the same boat.
    When you feel nervous, everybody feels nervous.
    Now I go ahead to take step 1 and 2CK.
    Good luck and thanks again.


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    congrats!!!! thanks for sharing your experience....wishing you the best!!

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