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Thread: I Passed

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    Dr. Anxious Guest

    I Passed


    I passed with GOD's help. I really believe GOD help me bcs last 2 months before exam I was so depressed due to some family matters. Before exam I didn't sleep at all. But GOD gave me strength to get over this. I really have gratitude for this.
    This forum and some other forums (prep4exams) really helped me. Pls read positive messages and ignore negative messages.
    I didn't go to courses bcs of financial consideration but I really wanted to take them.
    I read some books on interview techniques from medical library.(For example:Mastering skills for Clinical Practice Coulehan)
    I read Bates and First Aid. I practiced cases w/ my husband (He is not a Dr.) It also helped me. We practiced cases together, I recorded it, and I set the alarm to 15 minutes. After that I practiced to write cases in 10 minutes. Then we listened the recording together. He corrected me and asked about the medical terms he did not understand.
    Pls practice cases as much as you can until it becomes routine.
    Also I went on internet and found out some patient information pages. You can find lay man explanation or simple explanations for most medical terms and diseases. I think, this helps IMGs a lot.
    Bcs English is my second language I wrote a lot of explanations and Questions for every system and I read them into tape recorder. I tried to listen to it as much as I can.

    Friends, pls try to think positive and try your best.
    Keep Faith in the higher force-whatever your belief is, what you name it- Just Pray.

    GOOD LUCK for everyone.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Hey dr Anxious, Cograts,ur experience helps.

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