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    woooo hoooo!! i passed, alhamdulillah!


    sup all -

    finnaly got my results back. as you probably know already, i passed! for those of you studying for the first time, this test is definitely doable. for those that unfortunately failed and are studying again, keep your head up, we're all rooting for you!

    remember, this test is all about the acting. they act like patients. and you act like a doctor (even though many on this forum are already doctors). it's like a game. you have to say "please" and "thank you" and offer tissues and such. learn the mneumonics (LIQORAAAPAMHUGSFOSS) and that will be your crutch for the whole test.

    after my first encounter when i went to write the PN, i was so nervous that my handwriting looked like a poor parkinsons patient! talk about intention tremor! for a moment, all my physical exam and HPI practice went out the door. but i took a deep breath, looked at my PAMHUGSFOOSS, and started shooting questions - never forgeting my please and thank you's.

    again, learn the mneumonics. also, first aid cs is gold! the minicases in the front of the book are really good to learn the DDx, workup, and most important, the big "A" - associated symptoms (e.g. visual changes in a headache case). also, the practice cases in that book are exactly like the real thing. get yourself a partner (doesn't have to be a person in the medical field) and practice!!!

    don't skimp out on perfecting your physical exam. many of us think that we'll figure out the PE on the day of the test, but that's a BIG no-no. if you go through your PE over and over, it becomes like clockwork, and you don't have to think when you do it. and write out the PN over and over too. this way you'll get comfortable with a style you like.

    finally, for those of you who wants even more practice, i spent the extra cash i had on usmleworld CS cases. it's about 70 cases. me and a buddy (med student) went through about 10 a day for 7 days. man, those were long days. but it definitely builds up stamina. if i had to chose, i would get first aid for the CS, again, because its the closest you can get to the exam.

    the test goes by really fast. before you know it the day is done, and you're left wondering what just happened. i really thought i had failed, just cuz my HPI and PE felt so haphazardly done. i don't know too much about the computer PN, but i did over-hear some kids talkin about how they didn't have enough room and that editing was time consuming.

    anyways, i hope this post helps someone. thanks again to all of those who've posted.


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    thanks for posting ur experience.

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