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    leo. Guest

    July 5 Philly- passed!!


    ...it seems the results were out for us early!!!.....thankful i hv passed

    ...the eaxm is v doable....was worried after the test bcos in no case had i identified my position in the place (e.g. physician at the hospital which some people mention is important), did not wash hands in one case, in about 4-5 cases handled my notepad after washing hands (to see which systems to examine, which i had written down).....also in about half teh cases i was not sure of a diagnosis....in a case or 2, i seemed to have annoyed the patient.....and of course in a lot of teh cases forgot to ask or do something important
    ...my advise is to always remeber that teh exam is an average of 1/ all 12 cases and b/teh different subcomponents that make up the three major components

    ...so even if a few cases go bad or a few subcomponents go bad, there is a lot of scope to make up.....2 other random points that i think is important: 1/ Doorway planning is v important- i always stood at the door for 1.5minutes and wrote down the probable diagnosis, the systems i will examine and LIQOR AAA etc....i think this part helped me the most to remain focused during teh actual encounter......and 2/ wash u'r hands well, even if it takes a few extra seconds, as i think teh patients notice this and in some cases even ask u to do it again (i saw this in several posts here)

    ...all the best to all...

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    Pamela anderson Guest
    Congratulations!! LIQOR AAA - pls what is this?

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    Unregistered Guest
    Are you a female or male? What is your skin color? Why they are so nice to you. When I take the test, just right after I enter the room, I feel from the Sp's eyes, discriminated by her. I feel dispointed and angery from my heart
    I failed this case

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