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Thread: My 2 cents on CS

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    My 2 cents on CS


    Found out I passed yesterday and here's the basic nuts and bolts of what to do to pass...

    1- First Aid CS
    2- Study Partner
    3- 2 Weeks (3-4hrs day)

    That's it. I went through the cases with a study partner twice and practice writing my note and that's all you need. It's simply practicing enough so that under the stress of the exam the habits you formed from practicing kick in and you go on autopilot. Use whatever mnemonics you like for HPI and ROS and write them down on your scratch paper while interviewing to keep you structured. I used "OLD FFARTS"
    O- Onset
    L- Location
    D- Describe (type of pain etc)
    F- Factors (precipitating, alleviating, exacerbating)
    A- Associated symptoms
    R- ROS
    T- Timing (anything time related onset, progression)
    S- Severity
    For PMH- I would write down MASH(Meds, Allergies, Surgical, Hospitalizations)
    I thing I came up with for my note which helped me never to leave anything out was "RAM Pee Pees in San Francisco"

    Those are the things that helped me, other than that, drape the patient, ask permission to do anything, wash/glove hands, ALWAYS CLOSE, you'd rather skip a single part of the PE than not be able to close and always consult someone who smokes, drinks, or has a risky sex life or does drugs. Also don't take it lightly, even though it's not that bad, practicing brings a comfort level that is key for the inevitable nerves that come with test day. But also don't go crazy and study for a month or something, you'll get sick of it and actually start doing worse, 2 weeks of heavy practice and you should be peaking and just take it. I know the test is changing but not by much, just providing reasoning for your diffs and a little tweak in the grading system but all the above still follows.
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    Agree. Be able to write a note and very quickly, come up with a rough ddx and so on. Studied this thing for hmm...about three days coming off an away rotation. Passed. The above outline is about how to follow it. Plus, know how to do all basic physical exams of course. Be prepared for odd behavior from the "patients". Don't let it fluster you and follow a plan.

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