I took the exam in phili.
It was much much harder than I expected it to be and i am terified that i may not get through it because that will mean that i can't participate in this years match. Hopefuly i got through it and i will be fine.
one big concern that i have is that I never untied the patient's gown (due to time constraints). I always did the knocking, intro, draping hand washing etch......but when it came to listening to the heart i slipped my hand through the gown from the opening in the neck......IN ALL THE PATIENTS......later i realized this was really really stupid.
all other parts of the pysical are not a problem when you don't untie the gown because the back is open (so lungs are ok) and for abdomen u just lift the gown up.
It's just the heart exam that I slipped my steth through the neck opening which was very awkward.
anyone else did this and passed? please!!!!

In one of the patient notes I wrote Vitals: then left it blank...didn't even write within normal limits.....don't know what i was thinking

many cases i felt like i ddin't ask all the questions required so i couldn't get all the info from patients since they never volunteer information unless you specifically ask that particular question.

thanks for the input.