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    Neilbaj Guest

    Passed with new exam scoring...my advice


    hey guys,

    I just did the oasis trick, and it looks like I passed even with the dreaded new scoring we all feared. I took the exam in late July. Before entering the exam center, I was like..crap...why did I not take this thing before the change? I was really nervous. The center staff at Houston were very nice. When I registered, the person in charge was having trouble finding my name. That was a major scare...flying all the way down to Houston, and staying at a Hotel nearby. Anyway, she found it, and within half an hour, I found myself standing in front of a door until the sound that let me in. Okay...here's the advice:
    1.) Before you enter, make sure to note the vitals on the scrap paper that they give you. Write Down PAM HUGS FOSS LIQOR for EVERY Case. Form a differential based on the chief complaint on the front door.
    2.) Knock, enter, introduce yourself. Shake hands, smile. Next...ask if you can drape them. Just put the sheet over there legs for now. Sit down...ask if it is okay to take notes, and begin the interview.
    3.) Start off with something like..."what brings you in today?" My first case was a pediatrics case (important to ask about immunizations, complications during delivery, was it Std. vag etc.). Also, because the kid ain't there, ask to do a physical exam later on the kid.
    4.) Other cases were all adults...I saw 2 cardio, 1 GI, 2 musculoskeletal, 1 peds, 1 psychiatric, 1 neuro, 1 vascular,..and sorry, forget the other ones.
    5.) Okay...so pam hugs foss liqor...then, the physical exam. Always do Heart, and Lung...abdomen if you have time. I would start off with where the patient is complaining about then move to the other things. Time is your enemy so try to keep focused. I think history is more important than the physical aspect. If you notice a mole, ask about it etc. Make sure to close your encounter, and Counsel. I forgot to counsel on 2 out of 4 cases I believe about smoking and follow up on hypertension.
    6.) My note was terrible. This was the biggest reason that I thought I would fail the exam. It wasn't the lack of information...it was because I was crowding too much information even coming into the physical exam portion of the paper when I was writing my history. I chose paper because I felt that it would let me write more. I was able to come up with at least 3 differential diagnosis, and at least 3 lab studies. I was sweating after the test about this. Turns out, it wasn't a big deal.

    Conclusion...be nice, show empathy, take a great history, shake hands when you enter and leave, and tell the patient that you will follow up with them. If you do all these things, you should be fine. Good luck, and please, ask questions below. I'll try to answer accordingly.

    Thanks to this site and everyone's advice for helping me study.


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    I have a question...I am taking cs in four days. While writing out my patient note, I always have to cram in stuff due to lack of space. Sometimes my history portion of the note goes below where there is pysical examination space. Is that wrong? I am able to write my physical examination note in the alloted space (actually I always end up having a lot of white space in PE portion which I use to complete my history). Please tell me if you think this is wrong. Is that what you ended up having on your note too? Thanks a lot

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    neilbaj Guest

    space problems


    I did exactly the same thing and passed. I crowded everything in the history section, and used some of the physical exam section of the test to write the history. I think that you'll be alright. Play it safe, and it's okay to use commonly used abbreviations to save space. I was paranoid and wrote everything out. Also, this goes for everyone, GET A PARTNER. Practice on someone. Can be anyone, but preferentially, use a medical student/doctor because they can criticize you best. Use the FIRST AID BOOK. USMLE World is good for the videos, but really, 1st Aid is enough. Hope this helps.

    Good luck to all,


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