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    exam experience in atlanta


    Hello fellas.I had the exam on may15.Most cases were easy going, off the bat but tou got to remember that you will have at least one case of every speciality {most IM}.There were two trauma cases, one pediatric{primary enuresis}, one phsyc{anorexia nervosa}, one obgyn{dysf.uterine bleed} ect.My advice is to practice for real with through PE, and timer because is easy to run out of time.I'm still waiting for my results, a little nervous because i made several big mistakes {not doing neuro in lightheadness case} but overall I think I'll pass.I took the falcon review wich I stongly recommend{it's relatively cheap for what you get and it gives a lot of confidence on the exam}.Hope this help somebody , if anyone has any questions just post an add.

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    i have completed my step 1 exam. i have already joined kaplan classes for step 2 ck.

    i am planning to take my step 2ck in october last week and step 2 cs in november 2006.

    I have 20 years expirience as a physician in india. should i take kaplan step 2cs classes ? it cost's about $ 3200. i am also concenred about money.

    acoording to u what should i do for step 2 cs exams?

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    torocrusher Guest


    Your physician experience may be helpful enough to skip expensive courses on cs like kaplan's;first aid book and usmle world are very good sources and relatively cheap.The falcon review costs 1500 dollars, plus airplane tickets but food and hotel housing is provided and, again is a very good option.The staff are top residents from well recognized hospitals and is pretty intensive 5 day course.So consult your purse and pick from whatever fits you better.Hope this answered your question, good luck.

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