We all know up to which extent preparing USMLE steps can become frustrating. Memorizing new information may seem endless and, no matter how much effort we put into it, high scores keep staying out of our reach. Add the countless recommendations for books, courses, Q banks and the most efficient study plans and you may find your self in a total confusion...
I have learned that the optimal strategy for scoring highly is to get to the very bottom of the processes that run the living system, and thus be as rational as possible with the amount of data you actually need to memorize!
As a student teaching assistant, I have been tutoring students in physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology for years. After I had successfully passed the USMLE exams (Step 1 263, Step 2CK 261, CS pass - first time, Step 3 244), I tutored colleagues in Step 1 and 2CK, so far with very good results. If you are interested, you may reach me at alexusmle12'at'gmail.com. The first session is meant for us to discuss your strong and weak points and to work on our study plan, therefore is free of charge.
Wish you all the best of luck!!!