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    Worth paying for DIT 2012? vs 2010


    DOes anybody have opinion if its worth paying for the new 2012 DIT course

    or if sticking with the 2010 will be enough?

    for all those who have seen DIT peices for STEP 1 and STEP 2

    i am deciding on a course of study for CK and there is no time really to change course down the road

    I have heard good things about DIT for Step 2. I have the 2010 version, but people saying better to pay for new 2012 version??
    Because DIT step 1, he just reads first aid, but that book changes every year. But the CK course is still using 2007 Step up. so is there much difference between 2010 and 2012 if book is same?

    my question is how do you guys rate it as high yield compared to the DIT step 1 course

    because I tried DIT step 1 for a short period. Took me days to get thru one of DIT days, so that threw out the benefit of the short course. On top of that, for the anesthesia medication part of First AID, Dr J+++ins adds in his OWN PAGE, with insane more detail, it was a page from an anesthesia TEXTBOOK. like for anesthesia boards. this was not even for a highyeild topic like Endo, cardio, pulm, renal, or GI. I believe in these Big five a lot, and that crazy amount of detail made me stop DIT for step 1. Especially when considering CK is much more concepts than facts. Is he just reading the step up book?
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    I met someone in clinicals that said that DIT 2012 for step 2 was really really good. DIT for step 1 really worked for me.
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