Request to Please sign by clicking link below, anybody can sign, need 21,000 signatures by 5/11/2012 to be even considered for discussion. Please forward to all your friend, anybody can sign by clicking link below

Please click on this link at the bottom of page , it will take you to website of White House- President O, and vote this petition we have submitted on behalf of all doctors immigrated to USA. It has to be supported by atleast 25,000 people (clicks) within 2 weeks. If you have face book account, please use that, it will speed up the process. _campaign=shorturl

After clicking the link create your profile by first Name and last name and valid email address. You don't have to be Doctor to sign this petition.

Please feel free to forward to all those who are willing to sign. After 25,000 clicks it will be reviewed in White House for action.