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    Just got My Step 2 score


    Hey all,

    Since I posted tips last year for my step 1 score I figured I might as well do it post-Step 2 as well............just to dole out a few pointers.

    For starters my step 2 score is 242/99 (yes, the two digit number was still on my score report); this score was 3 points lower than my step 1 score. For step 2 I didnt want to go down on the score too much.

    Also I took a month off to study for the exam.........which helped immensely

    The two most important tools in your arsenal for this exam are:

    1. Uworld- a large number of questions on my exam were verbatim from uworld. I signed up for uworld last year when I started my rotations and went through the qbank twice.
    2. Kaplan Qbank- Yes I almost did finish this qbank. Nothing is overkill when it comes to board exams. Lotsa questions give introduction to all sorts of topics. A lot of the questions were extremely detailed, and ridiculous at times; however, the major pros of doing this qbank is that it gives you practice on reading long passages and stiill being semi-conscious by the time you get a chance to read the answer choices.
    3. NBME practice sets

    1. Kaplan lecture notes
    2. First Aid Step 2 CK

    For each kaplan book I did a quick read; then a thorough re-read. IT's better if you read these during your rotation so everything's familiar by the time the exam rolls around.
    I also did 100 questions everyday for the first 2 weeks, and then about 200 questions a day for the last two weeks.
    i left 1 week towards the end to skim through first aid. (awesome book)

    If anyone has questions feel free to message me

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    Awesome Job! congrats and good luck with step 3.

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