All US citizens, GC holders: Must Read #69655 holmes - 01/10/06 21:57 To: U.S. Lawmakers
DOL (Department of Labor) has clear regulations that US citizens and permanent residents are to be considered for vacant positions before such vacancies are offered to applicants from abroad.

In most fields, obtaining an H1B visa is a very difficult process and stringent conditions apply before an H1B petition is approved. In medicine it is just the opposite.

Administrators of hospital residency programs, in contravention of DOL rules and regulations, are routinely offering vacant positions to foreign medical graduates (FMGs) not living in the US without first attempting to fill such vacancies with qualified candidates residing within US borders.

Hospital residency positions, including internships, are filled through a centralized electronic application system. Anyone, anywhere in the world with internet access can use this system to apply for hospital residency positions. This allows applicants from abroad to apply at the same time as US citizens and permanent residents.
Since the number of applicants from abroad far outnumber US citizens and permanent residents applying for each vacancy, qualified US citizens and permanent residents are frequently never interviewed for some positions which ultimately are given to non-resident foreign applicants who are then supplied with H1B visas enabling them to work as physicians in the US.

Hospitals are therefore determining who receive visas. Screening of these H1B recipients is minimal at best as hospitals are virtually unfettered in sponsoring H1B visas for candidates they hire from abroad.

Hospitals receive federal, city and state funds from tax dollars, yet citizens and permanent residents residing in the US who contribute these tax dollars are being outnumbered and ignored.

There are currently thousands of unemployed, qualified graduates of foreign medical schools; both US citizens and permanent residents; residing in the US capable of filling these vacancies.

Only after all US citizens and permanent residents who apply are found not suitable, should programs be free to hire non-resident applicants. To interview and subsequently employ non-resident applicants without first interviewing US citizens and permanent resident applicants in order to ascertain their suitability, is utter disregard for US labor laws.

This practice is dangerous in that doctors provided with H1B visas in this manner are not screened as thoroughly as other prospective immigrants are. This practice must be stopped outright.

Please sign this petition and help safeguard the health and safety of our communities.
I ask your help to ensure that:
1.Current laws are respected and enforced.
2.Applicants are appropriately screened before being provided with H1B visas.
3.Regulations stipulating that vacant positions be offered to qualified US citizens and permanent residents before attempting to fill such vacancies with applicants from abroad are complied with.

There are already thousands of qualified, unemployed foreign medical graduates residing in the USA capable of filling these vacancies. Why take this unnecessary risk?

Please visit the website (petitiononline) and search about petition holding the name ( ABUSE OF H1B VISA AND DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT OF NON-RESIDENT FOREIGN NATIONAL PHYSICIANS )

; i am unable to post the link here due to the fact that i have less than 20 posts in this website .sign the petition and forward copies of this petition to your Congressmen, Senators, City and State representatives, newspapers, radio stations and civic organizations in your state.