Im an IMG and just received my step1 results which really disappointed me especially with all the time and effort I had put in. I managed to just break the mean. Ive got exactly 5-6 weeks to sit for step 2 ck.
My main resources are kaplan notes, step 2&3 booster and planning to subscribe to UW. And do the NBME's online.

My schedule so far looks like this:
3 weeks 1st read kaplan notes once done do UW questions.
June 7th(3 wks to exam) NBME paper
2wks to exam NBME paper.
1wk to exam NBME paper.
Depending on the last NBME may extend exam date to july 1st.

If I stick to my schedule I will be able to read kaplan notes twice. And finish UW questions and redo my wrong qns. I have also secrets/ crush (old edition)/harrisons/washington manual (34th)to suppliment or look up topics.

My questions:
1.In which order should I do the NBME. Searching thru this forum Ive come to understand an NBME score of 450 is a pass. And I really need to ace this exam. So what should be my target score ?

2. Should I buy FA for ck or look up step up medicine(read my weak areas) for my last review(last week).
3. Is it a feasible plan? And if not what else will you suggest me to do?

Thank you for your time.