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    Results Today.. exam passed! Exam info


    So.. now that i have passed, i thought i would share what i did and what was stressed on the exam. First of all, I studied for 3 weeks, about 5-6 hrs a day. I would say of that time, the last week or so was the most valuable. I used USMLE World almost exclusively. I did have a few books to look at for reference, but for the most part, i did all the world questions and reviewed every single answer in detail... icluding the ones i got right. I went back over as many of the incorrect questions i could, and studied those explanations in excruiating detail. I took NBME, form 2 about a week before my exam. I would say that this was the strongest predictor of my score as i scored 10 points higher on the actual exam. The exam is very doable, but is long and tiresome. Spend LOTS of time on questions... this should be your main focus. I was very pleased with my score. Now for the exam... mostly IM and Peds. I would say next to these two, OB/GYN. Very little surgery, or psych. Good luck to all who are taking the exam soon.

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    Hey congratulations! Thats great, and thanks for sharing!

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