1: Regarding a suspected upper G.I. bleed with a NEG. endoscopy and/or a suspected lower G.I. bleed with a NEG. colonoscopy, when is the answer "BLEEDING SCAN" vs. "CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY?

2: Endoscopy being the most accurate test for esphageal ca and esophagram being the most accurate test of diverticula or rings, what is the "best initial test" for each?

3: In a case of suspected acute bacterial gastroenteritis, what is the "best iinitial test"? And when do you do fecal leukocytes?

4: Should a positive FOBT be initially followed by a colonoscopy(according to the USMLE)?

5: According to the USMLE, when should you do Fecal Occult Blood Testing(not including screening for Colon ca)?

6: Between sudan black stain, d-xylose, anti-endomysial/gliadin A/B, and small bowel biopsy/PAS, what are the "best initial tests" and most accurate tests for Celiac disease and Whipples?

7: In regards to chronic pancreatitis, when do you answer trypsinogen and secretin stimulation test?