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[mimixyz] Hellooo ?
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[lanny] wish i did so hard to remember
[dua_frank] hi all, sorry i'm late
[lanny] thx megs
[lanny] dont worry dua
[megs] hi dua
[lanny] how re you?
[ash] hi dua
[megs] so can we start guys
[ash] yes megs
[ash] most common knee injury in miners?
[lanny] tell us ash
[dua_frank] i'm good thanks
[megs] dunno
[dua_frank] hope you all are doing good too
[megs] tell us ash
[ash] ok a hint miners need to crouch a lot in their job so what ligament tear?
[dua_frank] ant cruciate lig
[ash] its medial meniscus
[dua_frank] thats not a lig is it?
[ash] what about a football player?what 3 ligaments involved?
[dua_frank] ant
[dua_frank] medial
[dua_frank] medial meniscus
[megs] triad..terrible ant cruciate medial collateral medial menisci
[lanny] med collateral
[ash] right dua-ant. cruciate,medial collateral and medial meniscus
[ash] right megs
[megs] ash can u tell how crouching leads to medial meniscal injury
[ash] what about a person on a ski slope who suddenly changes direction
[dua_frank] bowel sounds in chest would suggest?
[lanny] meniscal tear ash
[megs] agree lanny
[lanny] diaphragm rupture
[ash] megs crouching causes medial meniscus stress and degeneration and lastly tear.it is not acute
[megs] ok thanx ash
[dua_frank] diaphr hernia
[dua_frank] yes lanny
[dua_frank] thanks ash, nice q
[ash] the answer is anterior cruciate ligament
[ash] urw dua
[megs] sudden twisting leads to meniscal injury
[ash] what ligament tear if a jogger stops suddenly while jogging?
[dua_frank] medial collateral?
[ash] megs the hint in that question was that she suddenly stopped on the slope and was hurt before twisting
[ash] the joggers is again anterior cruciate ligament
[dua_frank] ah ok
[ash] what about a tennis player who twists his knee while playing?
[dua_frank] lateral?
[lanny] ant cruciate
[ash] the same answer for football player who twists his knee
[ash] dangerous triad
[dua_frank] oh
[ash] but most commonly as lanny said ant.cruciate
[dua_frank] Blalock taussig shunt to repair what?
[ash] pda
[dua_frank] TOF
[ash] tof
[dua_frank] indomethacin for?
[lanny] duct open
[ash] when do you do the shunt and when do you repair?
[ash] duct close
[dua_frank] yep
[dua_frank] for PDA
[dua_frank] infancy shunt
[dua_frank] more than 4 years repair
[ash] yes dua
[ash] what is gracile habitus?
[ash] (stupid question)
[lanny] tall and slender body
[ash] no lanny
[dua_frank] fat body due to lack of exercise :P
[ash] small and slender
[dua_frank] oh :P
[ash] due to heart diseases like asd
[dua_frank] is that pathological?
[dua_frank] ohhhhhhhh
[dua_frank] nice q
[ash] this was just to see how well we read our kaplan notes
[lanny] what drug keeps duct open?
[ash] pgs
[dua_frank] misoprostol
[lanny] right
[lanny] prostaglandin analog
[ash] side effects of large PDAs?
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[dua_frank] cynosis
[lanny] pulmonary HTN??
[dua_frank] at what age to you repair vsds?
[dua_frank] small defect vsds
[lanny] no age?? symptomatic??
[ash] dua they heal by themselves so observe
[dua_frank] 8 yrs
[dua_frank] they usually close by then 90%
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[dua_frank] if they are large yes you do need to surgically repair if symptomatic
[dua_frank] what is the most common type of TE fistula?
[dua_frank] tracheoesophageal
[ash] large PDAs can have CHF and infective endo
[dua_frank] thanks ash
[ash] esophageal atresia and lower connection bet. the 2
[dua_frank] also PHTN as lanny said
[lanny] dua i can draw it forgot the name>>>
[ash] yeah dua
[dua_frank] right ash
[dua_frank] proximal eso atresia and distal TE fistula
[dua_frank] present with cynosis on first feeding usually
[ash] ECG changes in asd?
[ash] yes dua and a lot of salivation
[megs] fixed spliting of s2 is ch for ASD
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[ash] yes and murmur?
[dua_frank] LA enlargement
[dua_frank] and LV
[dua_frank] no no
[ash] no dua
[dua_frank] RA enlargement
[dua_frank] and RV
[ash] on ecg you see RBBB and RVH
[dua_frank] RBBB
[ash] ECG findings of VSD?
[dua_frank] like i said before
[dua_frank] LVH and LAH
[megs] LVH
[ash] yeah ra and rv enlargement
[ash] oops la and lv enlargement
[megs] OK
[lanny] thats not ecg findigns ash
[ash] lanny dear thats what kaplan says i am just quoting it
[dua_frank] posible causes of neonatal intestinal obstruction?
[ash] in surgery what do you cover the tracheoesophageal fistula with?
[megs] neonatal int obs...midgut volvulus
[ash] megs pelvis,malalignment,displacement
[lanny] displaced fractures
[dua_frank] compound fractures
[ash] crush injuries
[megs] yes axial skeleton ..trauma
[megs] true ash
[dua_frank] oh
[ash] dua also hernia
[dua_frank] duodenal obstruction, annular pancreas, malrotation, jujunoileal atresia, colon atresia, meconium ileus and necrotixing enterocolitis
[ash] umbilical and diaphragmatic and gastroschisis
[megs] which diseases give double buble appearance???
[ash] duodenal atresia
[ash] annular pancreas
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[lanny] agree ash
[megs] do ..midgut volvulus also give double bubble
[megs] both rt lanny ash
[ash] what enema do you give for meconium ileus?
[megs] gastrograffin enema ash
[ash] good megs
[lanny] gastrograffin
[ash] it is also called conray
[dua_frank] cause of polyhydramnios?
[lanny] renal agenesis
[ash] duodenal atresia
[dua_frank] right ash
[megs] tof. duodenal atresia
Please rephrase your last message.
[ash] lanny renal agenesis gives oligo
[megs] not renal agenesis lanny
[ash] remember potters syndrome
[lanny] oh yes thx ash
[ash] yrw
[dua_frank] yeah along with pulmonary atresia
[dua_frank] bilaterally
[ash] what are ladd bands?
[lanny] why do we give gastrograffin enema
[dua_frank] partial obstruction causing malrotation
[ash] to remove the meconium or to localize it for anastomosis
[lanny] mean why gastrograffin
[megs] radioopaqe dye lanny
[lanny] ash right to dissolve meconium
[lanny] megs right too
[megs] ladds band i fergot ..something related to int obstruction..i guess
[ash] how do you diagnose hirschsprungs disease?
[megs] dunno
[ash] yes megs they are peritoneal bands causing partial obstruction
[megs] per rectal exam..free rectal wall..without feces
[dua_frank] biopsy
[megs] thanx ash
[lanny] bopsy
[megs] and definative diagnosis on biopsy
[ash] yes dua biopsy of rectum and staining with acetylcholinesterase of the neurofibrils
[ash] right lanny
[ash] and megs
[ash] what condition can give rise to intrauterine peritonitis?
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[megs] ok i will tell trauma..u tell me # associated with it???
[ash] ok megs
[megs] fall from hight
[ash] calcaneal
[megs] tell all possible #
[dua_frank] necrotising enterocolitis
[megs] yes ash
[dua_frank] spine femur
[ash] neck femur
[ash] acetabular
[ash] spine
[megs] yes all correct
[megs] ejection from vehicle
[lanny] head
[lanny] neck
[ash] intrauterine peritonitis is seen in gastrischisis
[megs] closed head injury and spine #
[lanny] spine
[megs] good lanny
[dua_frank] oh
[dua_frank] thanks
[megs] head on motar vehicle accident???
[ash] urw dua
[lanny] abdomen
[lanny] thorax
[ash] posterior dislocation hip
[ash] dashboard injuries
[lanny] pelvis
[megs] yes lanny
[ash] concussion and contusion
[ash] ribs
[megs] what complication associtaed with post knee dislocation???
[ash] popliteal artery
[lanny] popliteal artery
[megs] what complication associated with post hip dislocation??
[megs] both rt
[ash] sciatic nerve
[megs] axillery nerve in which dislocation???
[ash] humerus head
[dua_frank] post dislocation shoulder
[lanny] humerus head dislocate
[megs] ant dislocation of shoulder..
[dua_frank] ant?
[ash] ant dislocation shoulder
[dua_frank] oh yeah
[megs] which bones prone for stress 3???
[ash] lateral dislocation knee?
[ash] second and third metatarsals
[megs] yes ash
[lanny] megs stress what???
[dua_frank] sausage palpable mass in RLQ dx?
[ash] volvulus
[dua_frank] intussus
[lanny] ogilive sd?
[ash] mainly ileocaecal
[megs] lanny due to contineous wt bearing..
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[dua_frank] dx by?
[ash] lanny pyloric
[dua_frank] py stenosis
[ash] hypertrophy
[lanny] pyloric in RLQ??
[dua_frank] barium enema
[dua_frank] coiled spring appearance
[lanny] what is seen in enema?
[ash] lanny i thought you just said olive and no quadrant
[lanny] right dua
[dua_frank] also can do hydrostatic reduction during the enema
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[lanny] yes in pyl dten and intusucc diag can be the dure too
[lanny] pylor sten
[dua_frank] jaundice in first two weeks of life dx?
[ash] choledochal cyst
[lanny] pathologic physiol breast
[ash] hematological
[dua_frank] atresia of bile ducts
[ash] physiological
[dua_frank] intermittent jaundice would be choledochal cyst ash
[megs] what is mallet finger???
[dua_frank] physiological within 2 days to one week i think
[ash] right but cant it be first seen in the first 2 weeks of life?
[dua_frank] i guess around 2nd week ash
[ash] megs hyperflexion involving DIP
[megs] due to what ash???
[lanny] on a side note i remeber that barium enema is not the diag of choice though it is the diag, to avoid aspiration when child will vomit do a sono
[ash] or tear
[megs] due to injury to extensor tendons
[ash] oh thanx lanny
[erum] hi
[megs] thanx lanny
[ash] in what sport do you see mallet finger>?
[dua_frank] first day post op fever dx?
[ash] hi erum
[megs] vollyball ash
[lanny] atelectasis
[dua_frank] right anny
[dua_frank] 3-5 days fever?
[lanny] wound inf or PE
[ash] right megs all these like volleyball basketball beach bal;l
[megs] uti or pneumonia dua
[ash] infection wound dua
[dua_frank] right megs
[dua_frank] 5-7 days would be your answer lanny
[dua_frank] wound infection
[ash] oh
[ash] avascular necrosis is seen in what bones?
[lanny] scapula
[lanny] femoral head
[megs] femoral head
[lanny] scaphoid
[lanny] sorry not scapula
[megs] scaphoid
[megs] head of the metatarsal
[ash] right femoral head and scaphoid
[lanny] 14 yr old with tarry stools upper endo neg lower endo neg had periumbilical pain qt 4 yrs what diag test to do next
[lanny] ?/
[ash] ok guys i have to go cook now.see you tomorrow.good nite
[dua_frank] stool guiac
[dua_frank] bye ash
[lanny] stool guaic neg
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[dua_frank] colonoscopy
[dua_frank] no no
[lanny] neg colon
[dua_frank] endoscopy
[dua_frank] look in the stomach
[lanny] has been done neg
[dua_frank] arrghh
[dua_frank] meckels?
[lanny] how what test
[megs] tc scan lanny
[lanny] right megs and dua
[dua_frank] whew
[lanny] technetium scan gastric mucosa
[megs] what is difference in management of intracapsular and extracapsular # of femur???
[dua_frank] dunno
[megs] intracapsular injury to femur...better to use prosthesis..
[dua_frank] pins
[dua_frank] right coz it degenerates anyway
[lanny] what is meant by intra capsular and extra..
[megs] extracapsular...can do fixation..with pins and plates..
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[megs] part of hip joint...aatachment of the capsule...
[megs] inside the capsule..intracapsular
[megs] neck of femur is intracapsular
[megs] while trochanters are extracapsular
[dua_frank] thanks megs
[dua_frank] whats *******s #?
[megs] tell me dua
[megs] dont remember
[dua_frank] fracture of base of first metacarpal
[dua_frank] due to direct blow
[megs] thanx..
[dua_frank] whats boxers #?
[megs] same dua...first metacarpal #
[megs] ????
[dua_frank] third and forth metacarpal heads dislocate into palm
[lanny] got it now capsule of acetabulum
[dua_frank] sorry fourth or fifth
[dua_frank] last two
[megs] ok dua thanx
[dua_frank] whats colle's #?
[megs] we should find out some pnumonics for these #
[megs] i find it diff to remember them
[samantha] which type of clavicular fracture is dangerous?
[lanny] radial head dislocate
[dua_frank] good
[lanny] is colles
[dua_frank] yes
[lanny] whats monteggia
[dua_frank] usually fall on outstretched hand
[lanny] what bones dua?
[samantha] ulnar head disloca
[megs] ulnar head dislocation i
[dua_frank] ulnar
[lanny] right sam and megs
[lanny] right dua
[dua_frank] whats complication of colles#?
[samantha] sorry busy today
[lanny] remember Mr. Radius Cole
[megs] dinner fork deformity dua
[megs] cool lanny
[dua_frank] nice
[dua_frank] median nerve neuropathy and volkmann's ischemic contracture
[lanny] mean guy he pulled his son to stand up
[dua_frank] ok sammy
[lanny] nurse maid elbow!!!
[lanny] guys i do a lot of silly assoc to help reemeber these darn things
[dua_frank] pain on thumb movement, x ray hand normal, what #?
[dua_frank] helps a lot lanny
[dua_frank] thanks for sharing
[lanny] de quervains
[dua_frank] scaphoir
[megs] scaphoid
[megs] #
[lanny] right dua thanks
[dua_frank] welcome
[dua_frank] pain over radial styloid?
[megs] # dua??
[dua_frank] de quervains tenosynovitis
[megs] ohh..
[dua_frank] give steroid injection and splint it
[samantha] coles?
[samantha] in coes # what bone is affected
[samantha] coles
[dua_frank] radial
[megs] distal radius sammy
[dua_frank] most common nerve entrapment syndrome is?
[samantha] not styloid rt?
[megs] carpel tunnel..median nerve
[dua_frank] right megs
[dua_frank] whats the tinels sign?
[lanny] median
[megs] purcussion on median nerve...
[megs] gives tinling sensation
[lanny] tapping on nerve prod twitching
[samantha] rt megs and dua
[dua_frank] tappin on palmar crease
[dua_frank] yeah
[lanny] tapping on wrist
[dua_frank] phelens is pain on wrist flexion
[lanny] right
[samantha] blount disease?
[megs] dunno sammy
[megs] never heard
[megs] tell us
[lanny] heard but forgot
[lanny] not common
[lanny] some bone disease
[dua_frank] glalaezzi # and dislocation?
[samantha] persistent varus defor beyond 3 yrs
[dua_frank] thanks sammy
[megs] thanx sammy
[lanny] posterior dislocation is seen in what hx??
[dua_frank] same as colles but with radioulnar joint dislocation too
[lanny] of shoulder
[samantha] distrubance of medial prox tibial growth plate
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[samantha] galezzia is radial # with radio ulnar diloc
[dua_frank] which arterial pulse do you check in supracondylar #?
[dua_frank] yes sammy
[samantha] brachial
[dua_frank] yes
[dua_frank] radial nerve injury with what #?
[samantha] in epileptic seizure and shock dua
[samantha] post disloc
[samantha] ans
[dua_frank] # shaft of humurus sammy
[dua_frank] axillary nerve?
[samantha] no it is ans for prev q
[lanny] answer to my q
[samantha] cause of post shoulder dislocation
[lanny] post dislocation seen in seizures
[dua_frank] oh
[dua_frank] sorry
[samantha] radial
[lanny] how do you diag??
[lanny] post dislocat of shoulder?
[dua_frank] anterior dislocation of shoulder and fracture neck of humurus
[samantha] arm held close to the body lanny
[megs] and internally rotated
[samantha] agree megs
[lanny] i mean clinical diag/
[dua_frank] mc # in newborns?
[lanny] x rays but do axillary views AP views nothing will be seen
[dua_frank] nice q lanny
[dua_frank] lumbar disc slip, mc at what level?
[samantha] claviclar dua?
[dua_frank] yes sammy
[lanny] dont stand q dua
[dua_frank] l4-5
[dua_frank] L4-5
[samantha] L4-L5
[dua_frank] right
[megs] l5 s1 dua
[lanny] sammy what about clavicular??
[dua_frank] that too megs
[dua_frank] newborns sammy
[dua_frank] mc #
[samantha] most common # in new born lanny
[lanny] oh thanks
[samantha] L2-L3?
[lanny] whats nurse maid elbow?
[megs] gunstock deformity in which #///
[samantha] i just gussed is it dua why?
[megs] humoral dislocation at elbow lanny
[dua_frank] obstetricians pull the hand
[dua_frank] of the baby
[samantha] because of birth injury i thouht
[lanny] megs humoral??
[dua_frank] erbs and clavicle very common
[samantha] shoulder dystocia
[megs] yes lanny
[lanny] humeral
[megs] pulled elbow is nursemaids elbow lanny
[dua_frank] sciatic nerve injury in what #?
[lanny] know that megs im saying its humeral
[megs] post dislocation of hip dua
[lanny] agree megs
[dua_frank] yes megs
[megs] got it lanny...humeral not humoral
[samantha] achilles tendon rupture charac of which sport?
[dua_frank] why is there greater incidence of femoral #s in women?
[lanny] tennis
[samantha] correct lanny
[lanny] little blood supply to femoral head
[dua_frank] coz women live longer than men and femoral #s are common in elderly women
[samantha] osteo porosis?
[megs] really dua *)
[lanny] ha ha ha clever little dua lol
[dua_frank] lol
[megs] good to know
[samantha] that is neck lol
[dua_frank] neck too sammy? :O
[dua_frank] kaplan says femoral
[dua_frank] didnt know about neck
[samantha] lol sorry i wrote that for something else
[dua_frank] oh sammy :P
[samantha] neck of femer
[megs] what is slipped capital femoral epiphysis??
[dua_frank] oh yeah
[samantha] is common in older women bec of osteoporosis
[dua_frank] fat emboli syndrome more common with what #?
[megs] femur
[lanny] femoral fracture
[dua_frank] yes shaft of femur
[dua_frank] and DVT with?
[samantha] epipyhsis has slipped megs
[megs] pelvic # with DVT DUA
[samantha] pelvic
[samantha] and femoral
[dua_frank] yeah sammy
[megs] as prolonged immobilization
[dua_frank] supracondylar femur in particular
[dua_frank] right megs
[megs] can anybody tell me what is slipped femoral epiphysis??
[megs] where the epiphysis slips
[samantha] is orthopedic emer
[dua_frank] dunno
[samantha] not sure either megs
[megs] i dunno know i am asking u
[samantha] have to check
[dua_frank] whats march #?
[megs] tibial stress# dua
[dua_frank] second metataral and calcaneal
[dua_frank] what # if you fall from height and land on both heels?
[megs] calceneum # dua
[dua_frank] right megs
[dua_frank] mc talar #?
[dua_frank] i mean mc foot #
[dua_frank] sorry
[megs] dua lol
[dua_frank] *)
[megs] what is most commom dislocation inhand??
[dua_frank] dunno
[megs] lunate bone
[dua_frank] metatarsal#
[dua_frank] oh
[dua_frank] periosteal sunburst appearance on x ray dx?
[megs] osteosarcoma dua
[dua_frank] right
[megs] onian skin???
[dua_frank] ewings
[megs] soapbubble???
[megs] yes
[dua_frank] chonrosarcoma
[megs] giant cell tumor of bone dua
[dua_frank] oh
[megs] what is game keepers thumb???
[dua_frank] dunno
[dua_frank] can i ask specialty surgery qs till 8 pm?
[megs] injury to ulnar collateral lig
[megs] sure dua
[dua_frank] thanks megs
[dua_frank] whats paradoxical aciduria?
[dua_frank] and seen in?
[lanny] dunno dua
[dua_frank] seen in intractable vomiting
[dua_frank] metabolic alkalosis , hypochloremic and hypokalemic
[dua_frank] this is what should happen in vomiting
[lanny] thanks dua
[dua_frank] but in severe cases it presents as aciduria
[megs] thanx dua
[dua_frank] something to do with k/na antiport between urine and blood
[megs] in what condition it is present dua???
[dua_frank] severe vomiting
[megs] ok
[dua_frank] when hcl washes out you would expect m alkalosis right?
[dua_frank] but in severe cases you see acidosis
[dua_frank] thats paradoxical aciduria
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[dua_frank] psoas sign positive
[dua_frank] dx?
[megs] tb spine
[dua_frank] also retrocecal appendicitis right?
[megs] why in retrocecal dua???
[lanny] whats psoas sign remind me plz?
[dua_frank] it irritates the fascia of that muscle megs
[megs] petroperitoneal rubture ....??
[dua_frank] coz its posterior
[megs] sorry retro
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[dua_frank] thats the immediate structure it rests on retroperitoneally
[megs] ok
[dua_frank] its when you raise the leg and it pains
[lanny] thx dua
[dua_frank] welcome
[megs] what is diff in clinically perforation..with retrocecal appendix and normally situated appendicitis???
[dua_frank] why is there flushing and diarrhea in carcinoid synd?
[dua_frank] dunno megs
[megs] dua to serotonin dua
[dua_frank] yes serotonin produce bypasses the liver metabolism
[megs] in appendicitis with normal location..pain goes away with rubture...
[megs] but terocecal appendix,\...causes pain on rubture
[dua_frank] thanks megs
[dua_frank] whats ogilvies syndrome?
[megs] tell dua fergot
[dua_frank] its pseudocolonic obstruction
[dua_frank] its when elderly people abuse laxatives
[dua_frank] colon becomes paper thin and has no peristasis anymore
[megs] is it dua/??
[dua_frank] which valve affected in carcinoid synd?
[megs] tricuspid dua
[megs] mean rt sided
[dua_frank] right
[dua_frank] commonly tricuspid
[dua_frank] tell me another condition to affect tricuspid valve
[megs] iv drug
[dua_frank] right megs
[dua_frank] whats turcots synd?
[lanny] CNS tumors
[megs] con polyp+cns tumors
[megs] colon
[dua_frank] right
[lanny] and polyps colonic
[dua_frank] polps in belly and pigmentation around mouth, syndrome?
[megs] putz jeghers
[dua_frank] right
[lanny] peutz jegers
[dua_frank] drug associated with ischemic colitis/
[dua_frank] ?
[megs] cocaine
[dua_frank] ocps
[megs] ergots
[dua_frank] dunno about cocaine
[megs] why oc pills dya???
[dua_frank] thrombosis megs
[dua_frank] hypercoagulation thrombosis and ischemic colitis
[megs] cocaine and ergots are vasoconsricters so they can cause
[dua_frank] oh, thanks
[dua_frank] omega sign in?
[dua_frank] on x ray of abdomen
[megs] u mea inverted 3 sign dua???
[dua_frank] yeah that too
[dua_frank] in?
[megs] is it in ca pancreas??/
[megs] not sure
[dua_frank] volvulus
[megs] ok
[dua_frank] also birds beak deformity
[megs] in sigmoid volulus
[dua_frank] mc cause of massive lower gi bleeding?
[megs] diriticulitis
[megs] in olds
[dua_frank] angiodysplasias megs
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[megs] i thouht its second
[dua_frank] first
[megs] ok u said massive
[megs] u r correct dua
[dua_frank] right
[dua_frank] only lower gi bleeding
[dua_frank] diverticulosis yes
[megs] ok guys got to go
[megs] bye all
[dua_frank] carcinomas
[megs] thanx
[dua_frank] bye megs
megs has left the chat.
[dua_frank] welcome and thanks too
[dua_frank] anybody with me?
[samantha] here dua
[dua_frank] ok
[dua_frank] ca colon left sided presents as?
[samantha] forgot dua
[dua_frank] as obstruction without anemia
[samantha] ok
[dua_frank] right sided presents as microcytic anemias with diarrheas
[dua_frank] whats the marker for ca colon?
[samantha] CEA
[dua_frank] right
[dua_frank] extracolonic manifestations of IBD?
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[dua_frank] inflammatory bowel diseases
[samantha] PSC
[dua_frank] yes
[samantha] pyoderma gangre?
[dua_frank] also ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, uvietis, erythema nodosum and py gangre
[dua_frank] hla b27 association with all those
[samantha] thanx dua
[dua_frank] welcome
[dua_frank] i guess thats it for today
[dua_frank] meet you all tomorrow for last day or surgery
[samantha] ok good night
[dua_frank] bye all
[dua_frank] good night
[samantha] after that ?
[lanny] good night
[samantha] psych?
[samantha] ok bye
samantha has left the chat.