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    lost all hope.... plzz help

    I'm an IMG and graduated 6years back ,done post graduation in medicine from India, cleared step 1 (95 score) 1st attempt, step2k (99 score)Ist attempt but got my results today for step 2cs....... failed, is there still a scope for me ..... should i leave it , or appear for step2cs again. I'm totally shattered.....need help, i failed communication skill component of exam , how can i improve my chances of passing next time

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    U.S.M.L.E. Success | Online


    Founder’s Note

    I am an M.D.-teacher, a Yale graduate, and a former fellow of the Yale-New Haven Hospital system. I have over eighteen years of tutoring experience, and tutor for all of the U.S.M.L.E. “written” Steps.

    I have previously worked for graduate and medical students as the highest level of tutor. Within my "Introductory Strategies for the U.S.M.L.E.-" Mini-Program, I work from the "ground, up," so as to verify that your preparatory content-, study methods-, and exam-question-attempting -strategies and tactics are all "valid," and not just "reliable." I have also written dissected and analyzed U.S.M.L.E. –type questions for prominent question banks. Because of this, I am aware of "insider information," as to how the step exam questions and answers are written. This will allow you to get inside the test writer's mind - a most advanced skill - and answer questions correctly with test-taking alone.

    About Us

    Beyond the U.S.M.L.E., I can be your comprehensive consultants for shelf exams, and the E.R.A.S. application process. Many of my international medical students have matched into the most competitive residencies and fellowships, including plastic surgery, general surgery, cardiology, infectious disease, and more.

    I have also worked extensively with Caribbean, other continents’ I.M.G.s (all are accounted for), and D.O. students. From years of experience, we understand your unique concerns for the U.S.M.L.E. step exams, and the E.R.A.S. process.

    I offer a free 45-minute initial phone consultation (Ph#855-592-9855 ext twelve fifty; press 1 to dictate your message) to assess your needs, make general recommendations (cost is thirteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollar per step), answer any questions regarding my services, make "case-"specific recommendations, and discuss financing options.

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