What do you think about these study tips my friend sent to me?

Review Study Tips

FALCON Physician Reviews has done all we can to make your USMLE Review Program the best experience available. We have put together outstanding review materials, with an unsurpassed group of instructors. We have made your accommodations as comfortable as possible, and by providing your daily breakfast and lunch, we have taken much of the day-to-day worries away for you so that you can concentrate on your studies.

We suggest that you come, prepared to study hard and maximize your potential for your USMLE exam.

Here are a few study tips that may help you learn and commit the material to LONG-TERM memory.

FIRST, read your class notes BEFORE class. That will help lay a framework for the lecture, to help you remember what you are hearing.
SECOND: Read your class notes DIRECTLY AFTER each lecture. That will help solidify what you have just gone over.
THIRD: Read the class notes of the day, DIRECTLY AFTER each lecture day. Again, it will help solidify the day's lectures.
FOURTH: Complete each day's sample exam questions about 3 hours after the day's lectures. That will more accurately reflect what you have been able to commit to memory.
FIFTH: We are not able to allow students to record the daily lectures. Besides, you would not have an additional 6-8 hours daily to re-listen to the same lectures anyway. Not to mention that it would be an incredible drain of your time. But, when you read your notes, it is a good idea to audio record your own voice, or to write on a separate sheet of paper, the most important aspects of each concept. That way, you can read your notes, and listen to your voice, creating what we call MSTP, or multiple synaptic transmission pathways, which will help more than anything else, to commit the material to long term memory.
SIXTH: We recommend taking a 20-30 minute "Power-Nap" following lunch. That is why we are providing lunch right in the hotel-so you can eat and rest up for the afternoon's events. Just think what it would be like if you had to leave the lecture area, find a restaurant, wait for a table and service, then rush back for the 1m lecture! You would be exhausted before the first afternoon review began! So, for lunch, sit back, relax, enjoy your meal, and rest up.